Goal setting should not be a reflection of your 'wild ambitions' but rather a well thought out plan targeting obtainable objectives! Making a list of goals should not be based upon whimsical urges since in doing so it is unlikely you'll become successful achieving them! Smart goal setting involves establishing certain 'reasonable' objectives and also mapping out a course of action to accomplish them!

Here are 5 steps you'll want to follow when you make a list of goals that will help you become successful in reaching them!

Be Realistic

First things first here and that would start with only target objectives that are within your power to achieve! This is the single biggest difference between smart goal setting and simply daydreaming! There are other factors to take into consideration as well but being mindful to only 'reach out' for things within your reach is an important first step!

Record Your Goals

Writing down exactly what your intentions are is a great way to stay organized as well as serving as a reminder! If you plan to become successful accomplishing most anything that may be on your list of goals it is wise to not only record them but to also share them with others! This will give you additional sources of motivation from people within your inner circle while even making you more accountable towards your intentions!

Plan of Action

Here is where things become clearer as to how exactly you are going to achieve the objectives you have decided upon! Planning also helps to further motivate you since the actions you need to take have now been thoughtfully considered and organized in a more realistic manner! At this point your hesitations if you have any will begin to melt away because you now know exactly how you will go about achieving your list of goals! It's one thing to merely talk about it but another thing entirely when you now know what it will take and how to do it!

Set Time Limits

With a solid plan you're almost 'there' but not quite yet because you haven't 'scheduled' when you plan to accomplish these objectives! Simply review your list of goals and in the chronological fashion in which they should be completed assign how much time will be needed for each item on the list! Of course you'll need to consider the time you have available as well but once all this has been factored in establish how much time you will need!

Take the First Step

Congratulations you're now on the home stretch but wait, there is one more thing you need to do if you intend to become successful at reaching all your goals! You must take action and maintain your efforts according to the plan you have established until all your objectives are met! Failure to take the first step will merely result in making all your previous efforts worthless! On the other hand however taking the necessary actions needed will bring you the success you seek!

Goal setting is not something you should take lightly if you intend to become successful reaching your objectives! When you decide to establish a list of goals it should not be an impulsive act but rather it should be done with reason and logic! To target a list of goals in any other way would merely be an act of futility since not every goal is something within your reach! Having said that smart goal setting is a process that takes into consideration your abilities, resources, plan of action and motivation as discussed above here today! The best rule of thumb you can use to become successful reaching goals you have set for yourself is simply to keep it real and know in advance how you're going to get there!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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