We all know goals take time to become reality. The problem is we do not know how long they take to become reality. We know babies take 9 months to be born. After 9 months the baby is ready to be born. No one says we should wait another two or three months before the baby born. No, the baby comes when it ready and usually 9 months.

Goals Take Time

Unfortunately, we cannot do the same with our goals. Goal setting is picking a goal to achieve and a realistic time frame we want to achieve our goal. For example, you do not set a one month goal to lose 50 pounds of weight. Can the goal be achieved? Maybe. A realistic time frame would be to lose 50 pounds in 5 months. Therefore, you would set a mini-goal to lose 10 pounds each month.

I could give many goal setting time frames with other goals from money, to career to buying a house.

Goals Take Leadership

We need to become leaders of our own lives and goals. Too many people allow other people or the government to set our goals. For example, the government says you can retire at age 62 or 65. Why? Can we retire at age 50 or 40 or even 30? Yes of course. We just need to take control of our goals and decide what you want and then decide how to accomplish the goal.

The key point is our own personal leadership in goal setting. In the great U.S.A. we can still retire whenever we want. We do not have to depend on Social Security for our retirement income. It is a decision we individually have to make.

Jim Rohn's Advice on Work

Jim Rohn said to work only as long as you "have to" work. Eventually you want to work because you "want to" work. Read that again. There is a huge difference between working because you "have to" than "want to." I am on a journey right now to create work I "want to" do, not "have to" do.

When you get to the "want to" then you have freedom. Having the ability to work when and how much is greater than being told you have to work.

Jim Rohn had some great advice from his father. His father taught him to one day have the piece of mind of being financially free where no one, company or government could have a claim on you, your property or time. Of course we still would owe taxes, but having the freedom of owing no one is a great goal.

Develop Yourself

Take the time to learn all you can about goal setting and leadership. No one else cares more about you than yourself. The sooner you start becoming the leader in your life the sooner you will accomplish your goals.

The company or government you work for is just a means to accomplish your goals. If you save enough money at age 50, but the government or company says you have to work until age 65 to receive your Social Security or pension who cares? Should be your answer. Learn how you can create a better lifestyle for you and your family today rather than waiting until age 60, 65 or 70.

Today's action step: Take the time to develop your personal leadership skills and write down some goals with time frames.

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