If you REALLY want to achieve your goals this year, then it is time to do what successful people do and hire a coach. What you measure, you can improve.

Goal setting gets to the core of our human experience. We want measurable improvements to our life. Without growth, we are dying. Many people set objectives, resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. While about 40% of people feel that goals just don’t work.

Successful people know how to achieve their goals. More people are beginning to recognize that they need a secret weapon to get to the next level. They need a coach. For years, professional athletes and politicians, like Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton, have hired coaches to hone their skills. Now CEO’s, entrepreneurs, couples and baby boomers are learning that a coach can make a measurable difference.

Coaches assist clients in developing strategies to combat common issues like stress or procrastination. Or to improve productivity and teamwork at home and on the job. Business owners find that coaches can ignite creativity, raise job satisfaction and client retention and positively impact bottom line results.

A coach is a personal trainer. At the gym your coach gives you a specific exercise, spots you for correct placement and cheers you on to go a little further than you would on your own. A business, success or life coach does the same with your business processes.

“My coach has been an outstanding pillar of support for me. She reflects back my true self for me to see more clearly. Since working with her I have increased my confidence in my job and found new direction in my purpose. I always feel she is there for me with ideas, referrals, possibilities and a helpful homework assignment.” Michael Howard, - President, Clean Slate

People who are serious about reaching their goals are willing to devote the time and money to a good coach. Those who opt for the “do it yourself approach” may want to examine their track history. It has been said that if you could have reached your goals by yourself, you would have already. Sometimes people unconsciously sabotage their goals. A good coach will ask you to examine your motivation. Perhaps you are after the wrong goal for you. In that case a coach will bring clarity.

Coaches were once only available to corporate leaders. You can now find coaches who assist small business, parenting, relationships, team building and couple or family business. Prices range from $250 to $2,000 per month and many coaches offer guarantees.

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