Goal Setting Tips and Reflective Tricks!

It is so important to learn the purpose of setting goals! Setting goals is one of the most important factors in getting yourself to where you want to be! Now you might be saying to yourself, Yeah, yeah, I've heard all about setting goals. This is nothing new to me! Of course you've heard all about setting goals, but can you say with all honesty that you actually set them?

There is quite a big difference between talking about goals, understanding how they work and actually setting them! You can know everything about success and study it until you are blue in the face, but until you actually apply all the principles with a lot of honesty, then nothing spectacular is going to happen to for you! No matter how many times you read the principles in this article or any book, they will not help you until you apply the principles.

What are goals anyhow? Goals are the blueprints, providing the destinations on our roadmaps. They give us a clear objective of what it is that we would like to manifest in our lives. When you set goals you need to remember four important points.

First, write them down.You can get started with this process right away. Be sure to bookmark my goal setting and motivation program now! It isn't good enough to have your goals only in your head. When your goals are written down on paper, the message is imprinted deep into your subconscious brain, allowing your brain to look out for opportunities, ideas and insights on how to achieve that goal. Even when you are sleeping your brain will incubate ideas that will help you achieve your goal! This is why your goal must be written down!

Second, your goal must be written in the present tense! Your brain cannot tell the difference between real or false images in your head. Whatever pictures you play in your brain, it will work on manifesting. So record your goal as if it were already happening now, not later! If your goal is written as, next year I will go on vacation then your brain will have a picture of you only getting ready. You might spend the rest of your life only getting ready, and never making it actually happen!

Thirdly, your goals must be very specific! You must be as clear as possible when you record them on paper. This will assist you in visualizing a more vivid picture of your goal, making it come into reality much quicker. If you are not specific with everything you want in your life, you are leaving the details to chance. Have you ever gone to a hair dresser and asked for a certain cut, but weren't specific enough? The next thing you knew, you had a cut that you only partially liked!

Fourth, your goals must have deadlines! Deadlines are what give us the positive pressure to move forward and take action! Without deadlines we may not ever get started! We will keep saying, "someday!", which is not good enough! If the goal has no specific achievement, but rather is a commitment, then record the date that you will commit to your intention. For instance, if your goal is to start walking five times per week, write down when you will commit to this action.

Reflective Exercises:

1. Begin by writing down one of your goals that is highest on your priority list right now. Make it specific, in present tense, and set a completion/commitment date.

2. What are the negative consequences I’ll have if I do not achieve this goal, or if I don’t commit to this goal?

3. What are the positive consequences I’ll have if I do achieve this goal, or if I do stay committed to this goal?

4. What limiting beliefs, i.e., ways of thinking, excuses, low standards etc., do I need to get rid of so that I can achieve this goal? What new ways of thinking can I adopt in place of these old ways of thinking?

5. What external barriers might challenge my commitment to attaining my goal? How will I prepare for, and deal with these barriers?

6. What educational resources will I use to speed up the process of achieving this goal?

7. Who can I role model who is an expert in this are?

8. How can I ensure that I will stay committed to this goal (especially if I have tried to achieve this goal before but gave up)?

9. How will achieving and/or committing to this goal give me leverage to achieve my other goals?

10. Who will I become as a person as a result of achieving this goal? How will my character be shaped?

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