Setting goals and then pursuing those goals with enthusiasm and joy is like learning how to fly. Taking that big leap to pursue your goals is exhilarating and scary at the same time. Imagine for a minute what a bird feels like when he makes that initial attempt at flying.

The initial flight had to be scary and exciting at the same time because he never did it before. Just like when we achieve a goal. For weeks he watched his momma bird fly in and out of the nest. He set the goal to fly. Then one day he had his chance and with a little encouragement from his momma bird he leaped out of the nest and started flapping his little wings. He kept flapping and flapping until he realized he was flying. What a moment of happiness and joy in accomplishing such a great goal for that little bird.

Pursuing our goals is similar to a bird learning to fly. We know we can accomplish our goals, but it will take time and probably a little encouragement from others.

How You Can Learn to Fly

Learning to fly takes a lot of effort on your part to achieve your goals. The first part of learning to fly is to set goals for your life. You need to answer the following questions:

Where to you want to live?

What do you want to do?

What do you want to have?

What do you want to accomplish?

Most people just let life roll by without answering any of these questions. Sort of like a bird learning to fly without any wings. Goals are your wings, which will allow you to fly towards your goals. However, we are in charge of developing our wings by setting and pursuing our goals.

How to Improve Your Flying

Birds do not fly one day and then never fly again. They are constantly flying further and longer each day as they continue to improve their flying skills. The birds are building their wing strength by flying everyday. You need to do the same with your goals.

Each day you need to take action. If you only think about your goals once a month then you will not achieve your goals. Goal setting and goal achieving is a skill that needs to be developed. No one starts out as a great goal achiever. Here’s another thing: You can start becoming a goal achiever at any age. You do not have to be a young 20-something who started his first business and made millions in two years.

Here are couple goals many people set without even realizing. Graduate from college in 4 years. Get married by a certain age. Buy a house when I earn certain amount of money. Become supervisor at company. Retire at age 60.

These are almost indirect goals because most people do not realize they are achieving anything until they have completed something like graduating from college. Colleges tell you to take these certain classes in this order to graduate by a certain date. Unfortunately all our goals are not set in this same manner. We do not know exactly how long some goals will take, but we usually pretty close as long as we take daily action.

This is the main message in learning to fly by pursuing our goals. We need to take constant action and keep flapping our wings until we achieve our goals and start flying.

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