You and I were created by God with a purpose. And, this time around, my spiritual hopes were restored. The words I heard from the preacher who was delivering the sermon during that particular day I attended the Sabbath will always remain in my heart. I can't help recalling them. In fact, I realized that there is no such promise that has ever been made to me by any other person except God.

Oh, what a wonderful promise! There will be no more all sorts of sorrows, hatred, betrayal but only true happiness surrounded by true love will be prevailing throughout. By the way, do you know that there is a place specifically made for you and me where all our needs will be catered for? Yes, you'll be happy and you will lead an abundant life that is free from all sorts of troubles.

Your burdens will be lifted at Calvary. Hey, I am talking about the new place that Jesus went to prepare for us after His resurrection. But what pities me is the misconception that many Christians have got regarding wealth. God gave us the role of stewardship over the earthly resources.

You and I are obligated to use them wisely. After all they all belong to God and He will charge us on how we use them. Recall the parable told in the Holy Bible about the master who went on a journey leaving his servants with talents according to their abilities.

If Christians create more wealth in a justified manner, then they are helping in spreading the gospel. You have a purpose to fulfill before going to the promised place. God created you with a specific purpose. Today I am telling you that God didn't make a mistake creating you. Sincerely speaking, how can He make a mistake if He created you in His own image?

I know life can be so cruel sometimes. It can make you hate yourself but remember that God uses what you refer as difficult situation in your life to define who you are by bringing your purpose to light. Your life's darkness which is surrounded by many disappointments will be transformed by God to another new level of victory that you never knew you had. God permits happenings that He does not like us to undergo in order to reveal His ultimate purpose to us.

I will illustrate this using the Holy Bible as my evidence. In the story of Joseph, Israel loved Joseph so much compared to his other sons. Israel's love towards Joseph and Joseph's interpretation of dreams made his brothers hate him. This is because he will have dominion over them. They will bow before him.

As a result of this, he was faced with problems of being sold as a slave and becoming a prisoner in a foreign land that is Egypt. While in prison, God used him in interpreting dreams that eventually saw him realize his purpose. It is not only this story that illustrates how God uses a difficult situation in one's life and turn it to a meaning purpose. Daniel, Moses, Abraham etc are some examples of people whose lives God changed.

When God calls you to realize your purpose, He will provide you with all the necessary requirements to accomplish it. So, if the story about your life gets worse know that God is with you and the actual purpose in you is about to come true.

The way we spend our life in this world will determine if we will enter God's kingdom after the second coming of Jesus or perish in hell forever.

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