This week is a significant time for spiritual growth and healing. Spirit wants you to know you are protected and guided by love and strength from the Higher Powers. Though this may be a rough time in your life, keep your head up and know the Divine Ones are by your side. You can let go and trust unconditionally that in your present situation, things will work out. Don’t try to control your transformation. Just relax and allow the Divine to guide you.

Spiritual resurrection is being gifted to you now. Some of you are being reborn to your true self. Spirit is allowing you to start over and reclaim your life story. Stop downplaying your talents and gifts. It’s important to be yourself and do the things that feed your soul. Don’t be afraid to step into your spiritual position. The transformation to your new self begins now. Be true to your individuality and you will flourish in all you do. This current situation is just a moment in time. You will rise again.

A spiritual practice has come or is soon coming to your attention that will help your soul journey. Take your time to develop and practice your spiritual craft. Whatever path you choose is your decision just remain disciplined regularly. Blessings of the Sun flow to you now. It’s time to flourish without limits, to let your light burn bright. Connection with the body is the most powerful form of healing for the feminine energy, as it holds the secrets to divine wisdom.

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Hello Spiritual Beings, I'm your Divine advisor and messenger of Spirit here to bring you messages of encouragement and love so that you can live your best life. I receive spiritual downloads through the tarot and receive psychic messages from the ancestors. I am a healer,teacher, and student of the Divine and my purpose is to share this knowledge with you.