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Are you currently contemplating of going back to school? Then now is definitely the most perfect time to do it. Getting additional or enhanced education will increase your chances of getting a much better job in the future. It also makes you valuable to any company. Thus, you will greatly reduce your chances of getting laid off should the going gets tough.

However, there is minor issue. If you are working, time will be too short to even pursue an education. Is there a more effective way for you to do another essential thing? Yes, you do. It is all about time management.

For a start, you can do the following:

1. Consider going for an online class. Online classes are a rave these days not only because there are several courses to choose from. They also provide you with flexibility when it comes to your time. Usually, you will be given modules that you need to study. You just have to correspond to a facilitator, who will act as you advisor. Majority of the assignments and other papers are sent through an e-mail. You can schedule one-on-one tutorials. Most of all, you can go to school at your own pace.

2. Check your schedule. Match your classes with your working schedules. For example, you can sacrifice your Saturdays for a whole-day class if you are off during the weekends. If you are working part time, you can use half of the day to attend your classes. Some companies are also encouraging their employees to go back to school. You can set up a good schedule where work and classes do not end up clashing each other.

3. Focus on one thing at a time. Avoid multi-tasking. If you are at work, you are an employee. Thus, you need to comply with the expectations of your boss. If you are at school, you have to change your mind-set and perform duties that are meant for a student. If you try to combine both at the same time, you will find yourself not accomplishing anything at all.

4. Relieve yourself of the stress. Be very mindful of the level of stress you are feeling. Keep in mind you are already juggling more responsibilities, and you really cannot afford to be sick. Otherwise, you will be compromising both your work and studies. Worse, you will have to spend more time catching up on some tasks later.

There are many ways on how to relieve stress. You can exercise, eat the right food, and take your sleep. You can also meditate.

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