In classical EFT, originally founded by Gary Craig and now championed by many famous EFT practitioners such as Nick Ortner and his great team, we tap on a problem until it gets to zero. The zero point is a neutral state of feeling or emotion, whether that emotion is a physical pain, a craving, or an emotional pain. This is measured on a scale of 10 - 0, where 10 is the worst we can feel and zero is neutral.

Classical EFT (now called Gold Standard EFT in the latest version by Gary Craig), has helped me and my clients achieve more than most people even dream of. It involves stimulating certain acupressure points whilst using releasing wording, bringing the pain, suffering, or discomfort to a point where it is no longer felt at all. My first experience in myself was on a chronic neck pain. It took me from having to have 10 manipulations a month, with all the expense and pain of a physical spinal injury, to 1 manipulation a year, if that. And it took the pain away. Do not be fooled into thinking this was a miracle cure. Nothing is. It took me 3 months to get to that state of no pain, zero pain, but I got there, and that was many years ago. And I do use physiotherapy exercises to keep my back strong and Yoga and Pilates to keep it supple, plus I eat and supplement very well for my musculoskeletal health - a holistic approach to keep me strong. So far, so good.

In Energy EFT, we go beyond zero, on a scale from -10 (being the worst feeling) to +10 (being the best feeling for the situation we are tapping for).. Let me illustrate. Let us say Amanda has a neck pain of -7 on this scale, which is almost as bad as it could get. She taps and taps and releases the energy blockages causing this pain. If there is no urgent physical reason why she should be in pain, the pain can go away, to the zero neutral point. Then, Amanda asks herself how she can feel even better than this. And she uses the answers she gets to tap further until she is high up the happiness, energy, flexibility, dancy-awesome feeling end of the scale. Let us say she manages to get herself up to a +6, and then she has to go to work, attend to a task, or whatever, and stops there. She is feeling energized and happy, calm and serene. Of course, I would always recommend a holistic approach, and she too would benefit from seeing a physiotherapist for mobility exercises, doing Yoga if appropriate, checking out her nutrition and general state of health with qualified professionals, and so on. But, can you see the difference between our fictional character Amanda's experience and my initial classical EFT experience, wonderful as it was for me?

Energy EFT's life beyond zero is a new way of helping the energy system go to a level of joy, serenity, peace, and all the things that we would love to experience. After all, why stop at zero when you can carry on and get even better than that?!

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