My good friend died this morning.
We knew it was coming, of course. We arrived at his home only last night.
I didn’t feel bad for him. I believe that he was finally released from a now-useless body and probably feels great. I’m glad that today he can be with us without a struggle.
I’m not religious, but I’m a firm believer in life after death – or maybe I should say that I believe that life and consciousness transcend any physical presence. That belief helps me immeasurably.
I was worried a bit about my kids. They are here with us and it was actually my six-year-old who woke me this morning to let me know that the death had occurred.
It turns out that I had no good reason to worry about the kids. They have no fear of death. They seem to accept it as a natural part of life quite readily. It’s the adults I need to take special care of. Perhaps because they knew the deceased better. Perhaps because of the anticipation of lost friendship. And also perhaps because, we must admit, it reminds us so tangibly of our own mortality.
Of course his widow is having the hardest time, as expected. Today and especially thereafter she needs our love and companionship more than ever. It is a daunting thing to both lose a partner and to face the prospect (and then the reality) of living alone.
The phone rings incessantly now. And relatives are starting to arrive so I must go.
Today, I feel happy for my friend. And sad for his widow. And that’s where I will focus my energies.

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