We're all going on a COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS no more troubles for a week or two! Enough of the singing: let's get the nitty-gritty out-of-the-way. The name Costa Blanca comes from advertising in the 1950s devised as a promotional name by British European Airways for their inaugural flight in 1957 from London to Valencia. In those days, it cost £38 and 16s: a big difference to today's prices that fluctuate depending on the time of day, day of the week, or month of the year chosen to fly out. The words describe aptly what is here: in Spanish Costa Blanca translates as White Coast which is exactly what it is; 200 kilometres of coastline stretching from Denia in the north down to Pilar de la Horadada in the south. Alicante is the international airport of Costa Blanca, while Murcia also used in the afternoons and early evenings by a few airlines as well as by the Spanish Military who use it in the mornings.

The tourist industry in the Costa Blanca is almost second to none from the moment the plane touches down until it lifts back off the ground, returning passengers back from where they have come. In the terminal there are often plenty of car rental firms offering every car imaginable, whether the need for speed or something to climb off-road hillsides. The local transport systems, buses and trains are inexpensive but often difficult to use as time schedules are still very much in the dark ages. Often either it is difficult to find out what time the next bus is or the times are not posted on bus stops and stations can be so far apart that once the train has arrived, the bus is still needed for the last couple of miles.

If heading north toward Valencia, Benidorm or many towns and villages that dot the land from Alicante then the bus or train is inexpensive and easy to use; if there is no other reason for a car, the public transport will suffice. Heading south from Alicante is different; the Train has more stops and weaves down the coast like a snail, whereas the bus is certainly a lot faster and costs as little as a few Euros. However once one gets to their destination it will define the rest of the holiday; while some people prefer their vacation time spent on beaches, driving go-carts, theme parks or playing some sport like golf and then the night spent in the local bar, others like to explore, looking out for strange new sights, seeking new destinations, or walking over hills. Some come here for the energetic sports whether riding horses on long treks, or mountain climbing; then in those cases a car is a necessity.

As mentioned earlier the tourist industry is second to none here; there is so much that any individual or family group can do, whether together or individually. There are advertisements everywhere fliers offering exceptional deals in all kinds of bars, clubs or restaurants. Better still, theme parks and shows also advertise often with money off coupons, saving the holidaymaker more money. If that is not enough many of these places will offer to collect and drop the tourist from their front door, which is something to sing about. Let’s all go on a COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS: “no more troubles for a week or two”.

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Travel writer writing especially about my adopted home of Spain for Akilar.com providing Holiday Rentals from the OWNERS DIRECT.