There will be a lot of questions in parents mind about pre-school programs and the right age to introduce their kid to school life.  If he/she is the first child, then it will be first experience for both the parents and kid. There are few indicators that help you to make your decision easy. 

When you search a preschool for your kid, usually you notice two terms like pre-K and pre-school. Most of the parents think there may be difference between both, you can join your kid either in pre-K or preschool the goal of both is same. They teach the children how to make interaction with others, numbers one to ten, and alphabets.

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Though there is not any specific age for preschool, but the preschool programs for children often begin at the age of 3 years. You can start pre-school around 3 to 4 years of age. 

Make sure whether your child ready for preschool

Age is not the only factor to start preschool because each and every child development is different. The main component that helps to make decision is kid’s preschool readiness. You have to notice various developmental areas before joining your child in a preschool. 

Is your kid potty trained?  Few schools have a policy like no diaper. They take admissions of only potty trained children. To start preschool the child should do few self-caring activities like wearing coat, shoes, washing hands, and knowing how to use zip.

Does your kid follow instructions? Preschool will not follow strict rules, but they will give simple instructions and tasks to the kids such as walking in queue, clean up, follow guidelines while eating, placing plate on the table after meal, and more. If your kid able to understand these instructions, then it’s time to start preschool.

Is your kid communicates? You can understand and speak your kid’s language but others don’t. Make sure whether your kid can communicate with others. If you start preschool without enough communication skills it frustrate others and your kid as well. 

Can your kid stay away? Kids from daycare environment they can go to a preschool without any separation issues, but kids who stay with their parent at home will have the separation problem while going to preschool. So, before starting preschool leave your kid with trusted person to make them habituate to stay without your presence.

Ensure your kid can interact with others because at preschool your kid has to play and learn with other kids. Take your kid to other places like relative or friend’s house and let your kid play along with others. If your kid has any health related problem you can consult your pediatrician to take advice.

There are many advantages of preschool like teaches independence, social interaction, provides structure, discipline, physical activities, prepares for academic records, and more.  For healthy brain growth and development choose a trusted preschool. 

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