As the river winds and wends its way downstream towards the sea it is flowing in the direction of least resistance. Is your own life flowing in a similar direction? If so, then you will find that your life is one of ease.

More often than not, things will turn out the way you want them to, without you feeling that you need to put in a lot of effort at all. Everything will tend to flow naturally and easily, as you simply 'be', happy and joyful, allowing yourself to be carried along in the flow, appreciating whatever life brings.

It doesn't mean that you won’t find any obstacles in the way from time to time. What it does mean is that when you do come across them, you will simply flow around anything that seems to be in the way, just as water flows around outcrops of rock or islands in the middle of an ongoing river, on course to reach your destination.

Bending your way, with ease and flexibility, around a natural terrain, dictated by the 'isness’ of things, you make your way through ups and downs, mountains and valleys, towards your ultimate destination, finally dissolving into the magnificent ocean of Oneness.

However .... If you resist the flow, if you are going against the current, life will feel much more of a struggle and that’s where you may get into trouble.

Life will feel hard or unfair. Being against the flow will put you in a state of fearfulness. You are much more likely to feel that life is a constant battle, trying to get over, around, beyond, or struggling to move seemingly immovable boulders. You tend to only see what you don’t want, and experience life getting in the way of you fulfilling your wants, needs, dreams and desires.

As you find yourself constantly pushing and pushing against what seem to be unsurmountable obstacles, you often exhaust yourself in the process. All of your energy is directed towards the fight. There is hardly any left for nurturing and nourishment. You are not prepared to give up. You are determined, with a mighty inflexible will. Things are expected to go a certain way, and if they don’t, you become angry, frustrated, exhausted or sad and maybe even ill.

Trying to stop the flow in order to analyse it or figure it out doesn't work. Remaining attached to any fixed ideas of how things should be just takes you out of the flow. It may feel like letting go means that your very existence is threatened. You have to win the battle, to possess the ocean, not dissolve into it.

However the real key to true joy and fulfilment is, in fact, the opposite. How much more joyous it is to let go and allow the free-flowing river of life take you to its natural destination. How much satisfaction there is in being surrendered to a constant source of nurturing and renewal. Where there is no attachment, there is peace.

Being in or with the flow makes it easier to trust in the wisdom behind it and to openly embrace each moment as it arises.

Detachment allows to surface whatever needs to arise.You simply witness what is here. No judgement – just 'is'.

Making the decision to allow the Divine flow of existence emerge naturally often resolves most of our problems. When you give yourself permission, without reservation, to be present to and to trust whatever life is presenting to you, in that moment, you are free.

Any feelings of being a victim, of being abandoned, betrayed, lost, or alone all instantly dissolve and in their place flows a natural surge of joy, peace and pure abundance, a river of love straight to your heart. This unrestricted, vibrant energy softens, nurtures and invites fun and playfulness into your life.

Going with the flow of this beautiful river of love is a choice, a practice and the key to health and well-being. So are you flowing with or against it? Choosing the way of non-resistance requires the regular practice of three simple things.

First is relaxation. Relax into your body and focus on your breathing. Next let go of being controlled by your mind and all of its constant and distracting chatter. Simply observe in a detached way, whatever is going on inside and outside of you.Finally allow yourself to surrender in trust to the wisdom of your Highest Self.

Finding true enlightenment and peace is more a process of letting go than of holding on. Your thinking, rational and analytical mind doesn’t connect you to truth. It separates you from it. From this place we live in the illusion of separateness and limitation.The ‘monkey mind’, constantly judging and seeking control of everything, if left to run rampant will dam up the river and disconnect you from Truth, leaving you feeling empty and unfulfilled.

To reconnect all you need to do is relax, smile, breathe deeply and practice being present to each new moment as it arises.

We are constantly being called to surrender to the ever flowing river of truth, beauty, wisdom, love ... are you listening or making yourself too busy to hear? Are you in flow or in resistance?

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