The silver versus gold thing emphatically began in the Victorian era, when the elite class were the trendsetters. These two metals were divided in use to distinguish among the monetary ranks of people. Now, to answer the question, can you mix and wear silver & gold jewellery – yes and no.
Why should you not wear gold & silver together?
The reason to abstain from this match is two-fold. Firstly, it is advised to not wear any two metals in combination because even the slightest rub or scratch between the two creates friction that leaves the colour of one on the other. When gold rubs over silver, its yellow lustre fades away and forms a dull silver patch. Your silver would not be damaged much but you would need to get your gold polished after that. However, if you must wear them together, make sure to avoid their contact with each other as much as you can. For instance, if you are combining rings, wear the mix in alternate fingers.
Secondly, this mingling is, if anything, funky and for the young. One must avoid wearing them together in one’s wedding or formal events.
Why should you wear them together?
To start with, mixing gold and silver jewellery is chic proof. It expresses a seriously stylish trend. If you are experimenting with this look for the first time, here are few thoughts to keep in mind:
What should you mix?
Well, you only have to worry about mixing your ornaments and not every metal in your dress-up. Blend bracelets, anklets, rings, necklaces or even earrings. Do not burden yourself with matching the zippers in your purse or buckles in your shoes or belts. However, your wedding or engagement ring does not even qualify for this argument. That you may continue to keep wearing, irrespective!
What should you not mix?
Always remember, this agenda is about mixing the two colours and not styles. You simply cannot pick up your traditional wedding jewellery and fusion it with the dolphin necklace in silver. No! A big No! It is good to be funky and experimental, but draw the line at fashion disaster. Your style should look purposeful and not feel just loaded up with jewellery.
Should you consider your outfit too?
Of course! When mixing the two, make sure your clothing ensemble along with your jewels reflects the same style. One must not speak Italian and the other Chinese. For instance, chunky chains and monogram necklaces would complement a casual day outfit. For a date night or a sophisticated visit, the jewellery design ought to be classy.
Could I add one more colour?
The answer stays, three is better than two. You can match rose gold or yellow with silver or have one extra piece that has both. Designers do manufacture ornaments in a mix of both metals. Additionally, little quantity of pastel shades combined with these metals has also gained certain significance in the style industry. One extra shade sure gives the look a twist; make sure an eye-pleasing twist.
How should I mix?
• If rings, you can pile few silvers in the same finger and have few golds in the alternate finger. Another way is to wear golds in multiple fingers of one hand and silver multiplied on the other hand.
• For necklaces, layer them. Let this layering happen fro the longest to the shortest, not necessarily alternating the metals. It is also acceptable to overlap them; however, a natural overlap will look better.
• You can stack your bracelets and bangles either individually or both combined. Here it is not necessary to match in an equal ratio. Moreover, you can wear the fusion in one hand and keep the other hand empty or wear a watch. Same is advised for anklets too.
• It is yet not appreciated that your earrings are not a pair. So to carry assortments here, you must have multiple ear piercings.
Fashion today has become more flexible in terms of experimentation. Gone are the days when black & black or blue & black were taboos or when you couldn’t wear white to a labour day. Sometimes, if it works, it works! You can also gift a combination of these precious jewels to your loved ones and be assured, they will use them.

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