If you recently purchased or were gifted a beautiful pendant, you might be looking for a gold chain to wear it with. Men’s gold chains look best when worn with a pendant. Still, a lot of people purchase men’s gold chains to be worn simply, without any additional add-ons. Whatever the case might be, gold chains for men are a top favorite in the fashion industry.

There are a couple of things to consider with regards to gold chains for men. In case you're hanging a pendant from the gold chain you need to ensure the chain is sufficiently solid to hold its heaviness after some time. How thick or thin would it be advisable for it to be? How adaptable is it? How simple is it to look after? Furthermore, what style looks best with your pendant?

You may figure lightweight chains like 14k gold chains for men will be less solid – this is somewhat true. Some heavier chains will hold up after actually being yanked on, however, both lightweight and solid chains can be durable as well as non-durable.

Here's a list of the most famous styles of chains and how they tend to hold up through regular wear.

Gold Wheat Chain

The wheat chain is essentially the toughest, yet lightweight chain you can purchase. They are sturdy at any thickness, and they once in a while wrinkle.

Gold Box Chain

A box gold chain for men is the second most sturdy and lightweight chain. They radiate a sparkle and will complement the shine of the gold in any pendant. Note that more slender box chains like 14k gold chains for men can look exceptionally smooth and petite yet thicker ones have a tendency to have a stout/bulkier look.

Gold Rope Chain

Rope gold chains for men come in different widths – thicker ones are well-known choices for men. Thin rope chains can look petite while keeping up the quality to hold heavier pendants.

Gold Figaro Chain

The Figaro chain has for some time been quite popular, particularly among men. You can locate this exemplary style in everything from gold to stainless steel. You can't get men’s gold chains stronger than Figaro.

Gold Curb Chain

The Curb chain is another work of art and sturdy decision for necklaces and bracelets and is as solid as the Figaro.

Weak Chains

There are also chains known for being weak, or kinking up easily. Among these are the Herringbone, Omega, and Snake chains. The Herringbone is most notorious for kinking. It’s important not to bend these chains, as they aren’t very flexible. Once these kinks or bend significantly, they can’t be fixed. Wear these chains for good and store them carefully. 14k gold chains for men might sound weak but are not so much. Depending upon the make of the chain, 14k gold chains generally prove to be very sturdy.

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