Those whose childhood was in the 90s remember that stickers at that time were a real treasure. Unfortunately parents, they were decorated all - from school notebooks to furniture and even walls. Since then, the trend for them has grown significantly and spread to a more adult audience. Now for the sake of the sticker you don’t have to buy chewing gum, and the function of this attribute has changed radically. They serve not only as decorations for something, but also as assistants in planning, motivators and suppliers of good mood.

In the USA, the trend for stickers as an independent unit originated in the 90s. Buying stickers in Ukraine became possible much later. Massive distribution of stickerbooks in our market began about 10 years ago. But the rapid growth of interest in them can be traced precisely in the last few years. Several factors contributed to this process. One of them is a fashion for personalized things, the second is a trend for gliders, which often already contain sticker pages. But we know that these few pages are few, and sticker books enter the battle. However, stickers are not only used to decorate diaries. Let's talk about the existing varieties.

What are the stickers and where do they apply

The first thing that differentiates stickers is the material from which they are made.

The most common are the following types:

stickers based on polypropylene;
paper-based stickers;
foil stickers;
glitter stickers.

The second characteristic of stickers is, in fact, the purpose of their application. The following types are distinguished here:

stickers on clothes (patches);
stickers for decorating walls;
stickers for suitcases;
beauty stickers for manicure and make-up;
stickers for planning.

So, you can highlight the main functions of stickers. Among them: personalization and stylization. Thanks to their use, you can make any thing unique.

As for now, you can buy a lot of interesting and unique stickers right here, without any problems!
For example, 20-30 years ago, it was a big problem.

Of course, sticker trends also apply. For example, now stickers with motivational and funny phrases decorated with shiny elements are in special demand.

It is very convenient to immediately get a thematic sticker book . Shop Olena Redko - one of those where you can buy stickers in Ukraine . For example, in our assortment there are as many as three sets of stickers. One of them is devoted to the topic of vacation and contains the corresponding content. The second, Floral, was created for those who love flowers. Well, the main bestsellers are still City Girl Chic and Sticker book For Girls sticker books , inside which there are 30 sheets and 865 stickers.

In general, today there are a myriad of stickers for every taste and color. They help to plan more efficiently, remind us of important events and just lift our spirits. Therefore, we offer you to join the club of stickerbook lovers without any hesitation: they add variety to everyday life and cheer you up. Verified by personal experience.

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