The team got a call from one of the Real Estate agents we work with about a house she had for sale that had, “… really weird energy.” She said the owner’s sons always felt like there was something in the basement when they were growing up. They thought it might be the ghost of the original owner, Dr. Dammasch, who had started one of the first mental institutions in the Portland area.

When we arrived at the house we were immediately pulled to the back of the house where there was a large tree growing at about a 45º angle. This was odd because there was nothing blocking the tree from growing straight, when you stood near the tree it felt like you were being pulled downward.

We went inside a began walking around the house sensing, feeling and listening for what the house had to tell us. There was still this strange pull toward the back of the house and toward the basement. When I put my hand on the doorknob to the basement I got this message "Don't come down!" So I asked my partner, Lisa to put her hand on the knob and she got the same vibe! SO-O-O-O… what do we do? Well we went down to the basement to find out what was going on. There was the spirit of a young girl, but she was of no real bother, just frightened, and had followed the Dr. home one night many years ago. But as we walked toward the back corner of the basement there was that amazing downward pull, like a vortex that you knew you were going to fall into; a real sense of vertigo. I tried communicating with the rather large and stoic figure that was guarding the entry but it only wanted to speak with one of the guys, so Larry began to communicate with it and learned that it had been their since before the house was built, put there by someone involved either in the underground railroads or with the Chinese laborers in Portland. It appeared to him very much like the legendary figure of a Golem.

We did a rather long releasing ceremony and closed the vortex, released the young female spirit and went upstairs to the second floor where we found an etheric pattern of Dr. Dammasch, cleared this and were all done for the day. I have to say of all the strange things we have encountered during clearings, this was one of the creepiest.

Author's Bio: 

Sharon Sinclair is an experienced energy worker specializing in Energetic Space Clearing for homes and offices. Shamanic Feng Shui Practitioner, Spirit and Ghost communicator and releaser.