In addition to equipment, every professional athlete should have vitamin and mineral complexes, anabolics, growth hormones, insulin and hormonal post-cycle drugs that mitigate the body's negative reaction to steroids.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is an indispensable pharmaceutical drug for the prevention of testicular atrophy in men and the preservation of their functions. Taking the remedy at the exit from the course allows you to eliminate the side effects of anabolic steroids and preserve the gained muscle mass. After intramuscular administration, the substance is perfectly absorbed into the blood, quickly excreted naturally, while the effect of one injection is maintained for 5-7 days. Since the duration of action is large, injections can be done 1 time per week. If the selected course of anabolic steroids consists of two or more components, gonadotropin should be taken already on the 8th day of the start of the therapeutic cycle. A timely started intake and a quality drug from a trusted manufacturer can prevent the onset of atrophy of important male organs - the testicles.

The maximum effect of gonadotropin can be achieved by taking it in the form of injection injections. Protein hormone instantly enters the bloodstream and immediately begins to positively affect the general condition.


Gonadotropin must be used to stimulate spermatogenesis and testosterone production. The drug has the following effects on the bodybuilder's body:

- prevents the development of testicular atrophy of the testicles;
- avoids oligospermia during the administration of anabolics;
- reduces the percentage of subcutaneous fat;
- contributes to the development of their own sex hormones in men;
- activates the synthesis of sex hormones.

Modern sports pharmacological agents based on gonadotropin are completely harmless and very effective. But it is recommended to take them not for mass growth, but as a post-cycle therapy, then no side effects will arise.

A substance of 250-500 IU should be used in the last 3-5 weeks of the course twice a week. Experienced bodybuilders and doctors claim that the proposed scheme stimulates the testes to produce their own testosterone, making post-cycle therapy as safe and effective as possible.

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