Give the women of your dreams the handbag of her dreams – a Chanel handbag. Here are a few of the reasons why the bag is worthy of her.
1. You give her quality – when you give her a Chanel bag, you give her the quality she deserves. You may think that you could gift her several replica Chanel bags for the cost of one genuine Chanel. But these are made such poor quality materials that they can never be a lasting symbol of your love for her. With authentic Chanel handbags, you can actually have the bag with you when you tell your grandkids about how you gave their grandmother the bag as a symbol of your love.
2. Are you aware that buying and selling Chanel replica is a crime? The manufacturers of these counterfeit products are reported to use child labor for producing these low quality goods. Do you want such a stigma attached to your gift to her? Surely not.
3. Buying replicas is encouraging the crime of stealing the intellectual property of someone else. Besides, officials are taking exception to people buying Chanel replica now. If you are caught with a replica, the money you’ll have to fork out paying fines would be better spent buying her genuine Chanel handbags. Don’t you think?
4. Have you ever stopped to wonder about why the government and the luxury goods companies are raising such a hue and cry about fakes? This is because of counterfeiting affects the economy. The main source of the government’s funds is tax paid by businesses. Counterfeits for obvious reasons don’t contribute to these funds. So when you encourage a business that fails to pay taxes, the economy takes a nose dive. Think about it.
Do You Know Her Well
How well do you know your beloved? Is she satisfied with just carrying around a clutch that would hold her credit cards, keys, mobile phone, some cash, a hanky and a pen and a lipstick perhaps? Then she’ll simply love the conch purse from the Spring and Summer – 2012 collection. Is she the kind of person who dresses sedately or does she like dressy? This should help you decide whether to give her the plain conch or the Chanel bag elaborately embellished with pearls. But no matter what you give her, you can rest assured that she will cherish it for life; first because it is a gift from you and second because it is Chanel.

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