Canada conducted a new Express Entry draw on April 3rd. In this draw, it selected candidates with Express Entry scores of 451. There is a positive trend which is happening now because the Express Entry scores are going down. Eight Canada PR visa draws have been conducted in 2019 so far. The score has gone down from 457 on February, 20th, 454 on March, 6th to 452 on March 20th to 451 in the latest draw.

In the first draw which happened on January 10th, 2019, 449 was the qualifying score. On January 23rd, this score was 443. The score was 438 on January, 30th, 2019 after which it rose amazingly to 457 on February 20th, 2019.

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So far, there is a positive trend as far as the number of candidates chosen in the Express Entry draws is concerned. Although the cut off scores have gone down, the number of people shortlisted in the draw has remained the same. It has stayed at 3,350 in the last 5 draws since January 30th including the current draw. So, chances are that the draw size will be the same

It's important to provide the correct information after an invite is received. If after getting an invite, a candidate is not able to provide evidence of the information in the EOI, he can be rejected. He will also be debarred from applying for PR of Canada for another 5 years. So, selecting someone who has all the knowledge of the process is an apt decision.

The candidates can also be optimistic about the Canadian immigration system. It's true that over the years, the number of people who are getting selected as per express entry has been increasing. With this draw, Canada has selected 24,500 candidates this year. This is a number higher than the number of candidates chosen till April 3rd in 2018. In 2018, only 17,500 candidates had been invited until this time.

In 2017, more invitations than 2019 had been issued until April 3rd. In 2017, 24, 632 candidates had been invited for the Express entry procedure.

With the current score of 451, in Express Entry, its quite clear that Canada is looking for someone to have at least a score of 8 in every band of the IELTS exam. Having a score of eight in every IELTS band makes you eligible for a score of 128 as per the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Apart from a good IELTS score, the candidate also needs to be well educated and experienced. If you are not a master's degree holder, it's better to have someone living in Canada to be eligible for the draw. Canada prefers candidates with experience to live there. The candidates must have their Educational credential assessment given to them over 5 years back or before for it to be eligible for Express Entry. You can also be rewarded for Canadian education, even if you have distance learning, its recognized provided only half the course was done via this mode and the rest was completed in Canada.

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