Having a car can be helpful regarding starting side businesses that can generate extra income. However some people are not excited about owning cars. They do not want to be burdened with the need to pay off long-term loans or use their entire savings to buy a car. For this group of people, the following opportunities are available as side businesses that can be done to raise money without being a car owner.

Spending a few hours watching the neighbors pet

This is a simple task r people who enjoy being around animals. Owners of pets need someone to watch, feed, and protect their pets while the owners are away on trips or during work hours. Your service will be much cheaper than using kennels as temporary hostels for your pet. There are websites that can be used to find more pet owners in need of pet sitting services.

Become a tutor

If you have skills that can be learned, find ways to make money teaching others these skills. It can be a new language, how to write, or sports. There are so many parents who will pay you to teach their children new skills.

Freelance work

You can choose from a wide range of freelance work to earn an extra income. Freelancing has become so lucrative that many people have quit their regular jobs to focus on freelancing. Jana Young shares that it is easy to start in many cases because all you need is a computer with an internet connection. Sites such as upwork.com and indeed.com are common sites where freelancers find regular jobs.

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