As we all know, planets control our lives. In astrology, predictions are made based on horoscopes or birth charts, which are commonly known as Kundlis, which entirely depends on the situation of the planets. If planets are all situated in right places, then you will have a good time and success will automatically come to you with a little effort. These planets keep on changing their positions. So, in your lifetime, not every phase will be a bed of roses for you. There will be ups and downs in your career, relationships, business etc. depending on the planets' position.

When everything goes on smoothly in our lives, generally we don't feel the need of taking advise of an astrologer. But when things go in a wrong direction, there comes the role of a good astrologer. There are many Famous Astrologers in Delhi who will give you correct guidance to enhance the path of success in different spheres of your life. However, there are certain qualities which a good astrologer must possess.

1.Their consciousness should be pure from within and they should have proper faith on God's will, which further, takes the form of planets and changes their positions, thus changing life's situations.

2.A good astrologer should be free from any greed and cravings. He/she should possess a sound health with truthfulness and gentleness in their nature.

3.He/she should have an in-depth knowledge about astrology and should be well-learned about all the three branches of astrology namely Ganita, Samhita and Hora. Further, a good astrologer should also possess proficiency in mathematics by studying five Siddhantas and should know about various divisions of time.

4.Along with in-depth knowledge, a good astrologer can only be a person who also has years of practical experience. You will get many famous astrologers in Delhi who have a good combination of theory and practical knowledge.

5.It is very important to know the place from where an astrologer have studied and who were the teachers. In astrology, the theories which are written in the books can only be explained under a good teacher. He/she should not be self-taught. He/she should possess certification from a reputable institution.

6.A good astrologer should have proficiency in various branches of astrology so as to guide you fully while providing remedies. He should have knowledge about chanting mantras, worshipping yantras, conducting yagnas, wearing gemstones etc.

There are famous astrologers in Delhi who will provide you with different services with accuracy and expertise. You will Horoscope consultant, Gemstone consultant, Match making, Vastu consutant, Palmists, Astrology consultant etc.

You can find famous astrologers in different parts of Delhi such as Munirka in New Delhi, East Patel Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Govindpuri, Dwarka, Janakpuri, Lado Sarai, Bawana and almost in every part of Delhi.

Therefore, you can contact a good astrologer and after doing a little research on his/her background, you can start taking advises for a better and peaceful life where you can achieve happiness, fame, social status, wealth and be successful in every sphere of your life.

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Astrologer Shashi started her journey in the year 2005, since then she has been serving in the field of astrology tirelessly so much so that she has become a synonym with the field of Astrology. With a clientele of more than 3000 + Satisfied customers from all over the world, she is counted among the Best Vadic Astrologer in Delhi."Shri Maha Laxmi Jyotish & Ratan Kendra" has been providing the common people with the accurate jyotish reading with easy remedies to rectify any Doshas in the Kundli.