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Do you know what to eat to lose weight? You might be relieved to know that you don't have to spend a lot of money or go to fancy boutique grocery stores to fill your fridge when you're trying to slim down. In fact, most products on the best weight loss foods list are common items that you can find in any supermarket. Smart dieters eat these cheap and easy foods and slim down faster.

The best healthy foods for weight loss are naturally low in fat and calories, full of nutrients and easy to prepare. You can find foods like this in every section of the grocery store and sometimes even in convenience marts. These foods won't break your budget, but they can break the cycle of overeating and help you to lose weight.

Salad Greens

The best salad greens for you are those that you enjoy. Some people prefer a crunchy texture and some prefer a savory flavor. All of these are great weight-loss food choices. Blending them together is a smart idea too, to take advantage of both nutrition and flavor.


Fruit can help to satisfy your sweet tooth when you are trying to slim down. The fruit has more calories than most veggies and you'll consume natural sugar when you eat fruit. But you'll also benefit from fiber and important vitamins. Just be sure to monitor portion size to keep your diet on track


Yes, you can enjoy dairy when you are on a weight loss diet. There are some low-fat or no-fat choices that work well in a menu of satisfying foods.

If you choose full-fat foods, just be sure to measure portion sizes. Whole fat dairy products are more enjoyable so they may keep you satisfied for a longer period of time, but they are also much higher in fat and calories.

Snack Foods

Snacks are essential when you're trying to slim down. While most snack foods don't always provide great nutrition, they provide the satisfaction that can help you to stick to your diet long-term.

Meat and Seafood

If you are a meat-eater or a pescatarian you'll want to spend some time in the meat department of the market. Check out these weight loss foods to keep your diet on track.

Consider some of these snack foods to satisfy your cravings for salty or sweet foods.

The Best Foods for Weight Loss

Remember that there is no single food that will make or break your diet. A healthy weight loss program includes a wide variety of foods that provide good nutrition and satisfying flavor.

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