Something BIG is happening in the business/marketing world, and it's bringing about new business paradigms (efusjon (e'fusion) Energy Club is the current ground-breaking example).

It's old paradigm versus new.
Old way of thinking versus new way of thinking.

In actuality, it is a shift we're going through. A *major* shift, to be sure, but a shift nonetheless. And when the human race is shifting, watch out! Rough road ahead.

Why is that? Not because change is by its very nature difficult, but because we resist those changes. We just haven't been taught how to see them coming, get ready for them, and navigate them in a way that promotes our own good.

So, how *do* we use the rough bits to smooth our way?

When shifting from the I've-got-mine-you've-got-yours mindset to the we've-got-OURS mindset, a little fancy footwork - changes of mind, heart and attitude - is required.

First of all, we have to work together. And that is what the efusjon Energy Club is modeling for the business world, breaking records every day with its new paradigm. But more about that later in the article.

So, work together? But if I do that, I have to SHARE, don't I? What if there's not enough for all of us?

That attitude is what needs to shift, and it is not just a pose we need to take on, but a MAJOR consciousness shift. It has begun, and it is already starting to alter business methods forever.

In truth, there is not only enough money and opportunity, but with the right perspective you can't stop an abundant life from rolling in! Sharing is not simply the only way to bring money in and feel GOOD about it in a holistic way, but is the only way that we are going to survive as a species. I think the state of the world and the world economy speaks loudly enough to that, so I won't elaborate. But we don't have a lot of sharing paradigms that show us, in our practical world, that we can not only survive, but thrive, by such a change of perspective.

Second of all, we need to reclaim our individual power. Not our power over, our power within ourselves; our power to create, our power to respond to difficulties creatively, with flexibility, an open mind, and most importantly new answers from our own selves that we may never have even thought of before. With that kind of power, we have no need to fight for what is "ours", because we know that our world is created for mutual abundance, and that nothing we gather for ourselves takes anything away from anyone else.

When we reclaim ourselves, we see ourselves, finally, as the energy centers that we truly are, and we stop believing in the lie of our own limitations.

Previously, I mentioned efusjon Energy Club. This is a brand new paradigm that is involving all of us in a SHARED business. And the way that it is set up has never been seen before...ever. That is because it is taking business smarts, interpersonal caring, a billion dollar business platform and social networking, and thus breaking out of the old every-man-for-himself paradigm.

And people are watching their financial freedom grow from this busines, which I like to call the anti-MLM - not that MLM's are bad; but they have some flaws in their structure that makes it VERY difficult for MOST people to succeed. efusjon Energy Club, on the other hand, by operating FOR us rather than by making us work for them - makes it very EASY for MOST people to SUCCEED!

The shift is here. The paradigm is here. And we are moving forward. You can see it easily by seeing how quickly the old is disappearing. See how many people are being laid off. See how many businesses are folding.

We can certainly spend time and effort rebuilding the old paradigm, but it never really worked in the first, did it? I know that I spent 30 years working, but never getting ahead. Never getting financially free.

I choose to embrace the new, even if it looks unlike anything I have ever seen, and even if ... well, even if it makes me happy!

Worse things could happen...right?

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Lori Kirstein is an Associate with efusjon Energy Club, helping others break free not only from their financial limitations but from their attitudinal limitations. Visit her at, or look at the Club through one of these links:,,

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