The goodness of Ayurvedic ingredients is because all of them are natural. One of the best items that boosts our energy is the Karela. Also known by its more common name, the bitter melon or bitter gourd is one of the wonder ingredients in the tonic that helps to control diabetes. It has many other health benefits too.

Good for diabetics

Renowned for its hypoglycaemic action, the top health benefit of Karela Ras/ Juice is the way it helps bring the sugar level in the blood down. This is attributed to the presence of the peptides that resemble the insulin in action, the charantin, and alkaloids.

Purify blood

You get relief for blood boils and blood poisoning by taking bitter gourd. Blood poisoning will cause itching which is relieved by bitter gourd. Use fresh juice to counter the poison.

Antidote for alcoholic intoxication

Bitter gourd juice is an effective antidote to counter the effects of alcoholic intoxication. It restores and nourishes the liver. You can treat a bad hangover with karela juice.

Relieves piles

Bitter gourd juice helps to reduce the inflammation. This lowers the symptoms of piles and gives pain relief. Take 15 ml of the juice of bitter gourd twice a day for one week. You will get relief by then.

Improve the stamina

Regular consumption of the bitter gourd juice will help to improve the stamina. It adds strength to the person by revitalising the metabolism.

Improve the immune system

By having the juice of the bitter gourd regularly, one can enhance the working of the immune system. It strengthens the nerves and improves the communication between them. This helps the immune system to become stronger.

Better metabolism of fats

Bitter gourd increases the metabolism of fats by enhancing the secretion of the bile juices. Fats are removed from the body and the physique of the person becomes better.

Prevents constipation

The cellulose of the bitter gourd is efficient in regularising bowel movement. This helps you ease the symptoms of constipation and give better health to the person. It removes intestinal worms and helps improve digestion.

Good cure for skin diseases

The karela has good antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. It helps strengthen the health of the skin and restore its youthfulness. You get relief from eczema and all skin blemishes by having the bitter gourd regularly. It helps prevent the formation of acne.

Removes athlete’s foot

It helps cure athlete’s foot and other similar fungal infections. It can give relief from psoriasis. You must have half a cup of karela juice daily in the morning. This is one of the best health benefit of Karela Ras/ Juice.

Helps health of women

Bitter gourd juice is good for the overall health of women. It treats menstrual disorders and cures problems related to the female genital tract. It improves milk secretion during the lactation period.

Being natural, there is no side effects in having Karela. And yet, you might overdo it. Stop taking karela juice if you experience diarrhoea or nausea. However, this is a rare occurrence and will stop if one stops taking karela. In most cases it gives beneficial effects only.

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