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Nearly 4 years ago, I started a MASSIVE online marketing campaign that required much of my time. It was then I made the decision to have a tool created that would consolidate and automate much of the keyword research process.

Keyword Magic Professional is a software application I have been using since then to find, organize, sort, research and choose the best keywords for my online business needs.

What can Keyword Magic Professional do:
Enter a Term and KMP Will Extract Keywords From the Google Keyword Tool.
Extract Keyword Data From The Online Google Tool Including Number of Searches and CPC.
Easily Check Google In-Sights For Any Keyword With Just a Click of Your Mouse To View Search Trends.
Manually Add Keywords and KMP Will Automatically Collect Keyword Search Data From Google.
Import a .txt Keyword List and KMP Will Automatically Collect Keyword Search Data From Google.
Filter Keywords Based On Number of Searches, Google Search Competitors or Number Of Words in Phrase.
View Daily, Monthly, Local and Global Number of Searches For Each Keyword.
View The R/S - A Simple Formula To Determine The Best Keywords to Use for Ranking in Search Engines!
View Google Search Competitors Results By Searching "Normal", "Exact" or "Allintitle + Exact"

With the "Keyword Folders", you can create folders to sort and organize your keyword lists. The best part is you can take all the information such as searches, competitors and CPC along with each keyword and drop it into these folders.

In the example above, I created 5 folders named:
1. Keyword Research
2. PPC Keyword Research
3. SEO Keyword Research
4. Keyword Research Software
5. Keyword Research Tool
Then, it's as easy as highlighting keywords, choosing which folder you want them in and clicking the "Down" arrows and all the information you highlighted gets dropped into that folder where you can continue to sort, organize, save and even export to excel.

Further your keyword list by using the "Prefix" and "Suffix" box. As you type, it's automatically added to either the beginning or end of each keyword in the selected folder!

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