With regards to the internet, Google is inevitable name in this glob. You might have heard that more than 3.5 billion searches are done on Google every day. The normal exertion of Google is to guarantee that you get the best search experience from it.

You would also love to know that Google searches are passable on mobile devices too. Google's Android has a main portion of the overall industry for versatile working frameworks. It has over 70% share of the overall industry.

Over 60% of the natural organic searches from cell phones in the United States in 2019. Insights show that around half of online product searches through start from Google. Just Amazon has the high ground on internet based product searches over Google. Thus, as a storekeeper, you should find out about Google Merchant Center, and what it can mean for your business.

How Work Done on Google Merchant Center
The best leading digital service is Google Merchant Center which is offered by Google. It is another gifted service by Google for those who have online store and want to sell their products online, this is the best option for estore owners to upload their products online. You can upload product data feed in bulk or single using Google merchant center, you can also run Shopping Ads on Google using this listings. Moreover, the shop retailers additionally need to include shipping and taxes information on this platform.

At the point when you look for Google or Google Shopping, the products that you see there are promoted by means of Shopping Ads, and they have been uploaded on Google Merchant Center.

How to Set up Your Store
If you wanna store on Google, first of all you need to create account with Google merchant to set everything up. You can use your old gmail account or Google my business account to create merchant center.

Now provide Google with detailed information about your business and products. Add your business name, physical address, contact number for customer service, your store URL, and other important information.

After creating your account with merchant center, you will have to upload product with appropriate product information to meet the specific product feed requirements set by Google.

Now it’s time to link your account with Google Ads to run the Shopping Ads multiplies your chances to make sales and generate more revenue from your online store. Google Merchant Center is one more free service from Google. You can undoubtedly set up and utilize a free account on Google Merchant Center. Retailers might decide to use the free product listing on Google Shopping; however there is option for paid promotions.

Benefits of Google Merchant Center

Most importantly, you really want a Google Merchant Center account to promote your products on Google Shopping. Furthermore, it assists with getting sorted out your listing data, fundamental for product promotion appropriately. Along these lines, in the event that you don't have a Google Merchant Center Account, you have no alternate method for promoting your items on Google Shopping.

Google is the most visited site on the internet world widely and most popular browser among the people. Google shopping is an essential platform for shop owners who sell products directly to customers. It can boost your marketing efforts and take your shop or business to the next level.

Stand Out
Google shopping show up on top of query products and meet customers that are have done the vast majority of their research with highly targeted and clear product offering. Product listing advertisements stand apart with their effortlessness, informative clear message, and visual allure.

Grab Attention
Product listing ads are the main ads in the list items flaunting a photograph, which promptly gets the notice of the customers. Visual allure is key in Google Shopping, it draws in purchasers and makes them bound to click and land on a product page.

Better Quality Leads:
People who look for products on Google have proactively done some research and make some decision. At the point when they see a relevant product advertisement, they are bound to follow the connection to figure out more about the product and make a buy.

Higher Conversion Rates
Google Shopping advertisements have proven to have a lot higher transformation rates contrasted with text-just promotions. On normal change rates are 26% higher and furthermore your cost per-click is decreased by around 23%. This prompts more pertinent traffic to your eStore at better CPC and at last boost your ROI.

Adding Your Products on Google Merchant Center
It’s time to create a new account on Merchant account, if you have already one you can follow this guide to set up your account.

The big question arrived in every one’s mind how can add your products to Google Merchant Center. Google offers various options to upload your product on Google Merchant Center.

You can import a product feed file in XML or text format, or you can also use Google Spreadsheet with your complete product listings. Then, you can manually upload your products one at a time. Finally, you can also use Content API or the FTP/SFTP service.
Let’s get to know how you can upload your product with a product data feed.

1. Go to your Google Merchant Center account and find Feeds under the Product tab.

2. You can find a plus icon there to import your product data feed.

3. In scheduled fetch option you can have a live data feed link. The most important benefit of a live data feed link is that Google will automatically check for updated product information once in 24 hours. Again, CTX Feed can help you create a live product data feed URL right on your WooCommerce store.

4. To secure the best result regular updates of product information on the feed file are essential.

5. Set other important information like the target country and the destination.

6. After everything is set, go ahead and click on the Save button. Google will process your product feed and show you a health report of your product data feed in the Diagnostics section of Google Merchant Center.

As mentioned above, you can also upload your products to Google Merchant Center one by one.

More on Google Shopping
You can consider Google Shopping as an alternate sort of eCommerce platform. Here clients can search and compare about products and costs from various online retailers. Therefore, clients can rapidly be aware of products and prices.

Aside from Google Shopping, when the search term coordinates with products keywords, they will show the Shopping Ads on the Google search window as well. Along these lines storekeepers have a higher possibility making more revenue by promoting their products on Google Shopping.

Benefits of Google Shopping for Online Retailers & Owners
You have much knowledge of Google merchant and product ads now, you should know its potential to increase your store’s revenue. Check below a highlight of the benefits of Google Shopping and Product Ads:

1. Google is a trusted brand, so when people find your products, they will have more faith in your products.

2. Whenever people look for a product on Google or Google Shopping, there is a higher possibility buying. By advancing your items on Google Shopping and Product Ads, you can create more qualified traffic to your store.

3. Shopping Ads have a higher performance rate.

4. It helps to create a better product and merchant credibility with ratings.

5. Get detailed insights on your customers from Google.

6. Finally, promoting products on Google Merchant Center also increases your visibility in local searches.

We hope that you better understand Google Merchant Center and how it works after reading this content. Make sure to put these insights into good use to increase your store’s revenue. Google Shopping will make it easier for those customers to find your products.

This feature is a simple and powerful way to connect new shoppers with your brand. It’s time to scale your business. Are you ready? Get free demo and expert’s consultation.

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