Perhaps you haven’t been attentive to the news going on about Google Panda; if so, there are key things you need to know, especially if content creation is one of your tools for marketing your business. Recently, Google introduced another technique regarding the ranking of websites that feature contents. As it stands, the article directories no longer receive priority when it comes to ranking on Google’s search result page.
In essence, Google is now currently assessing the quality of sites linking to your site to know their worth. Well, we can’t say exactly what Google’s formula for this recent development is. However, here are some things we can deduce from the whole picture as being disqualifying factors:

  • Websites that feature much advertisements
  • Sites that feature several unrelated content
  • Poorly moderated websites
  • Sites with too many keywords
  • Unnecessary multiple linking to other websites.

If you are a regular web surfer who has good judgmental acumen, you can easily spot these sites when you come across them. Well, a lot of companies or businesses do not like the new ranking technique; however, these new rules can work to your advantage if you know the tips and tricks that work.
Here are the tricks and tips that ought to work:

  • Create and offer quality content
    In my opinion, this is the most important tip. It is needless reproducing countless contents that do not add value but features too many keywords. If you are a culprit in this regard, change your strategy and concentrate more on valuable info that would benefit your customers. Such valuable contents include FAQs, ‘how to’ articles which should be directed to your product or service, company news and others.
  • Pour in more quality and fresh articles
    Google is quick to pick websites that feature fresh articles. Therefore, make plan to create a lot of valuable articles on a weekly basis. Also, you need to decide on relevant topics to write on. To keep it diverse, you can appoint people in your company to cover different topics related to your product or general theme.
  • Ensure that people get to know about your content

    Your contents would serve no purpose if people do not get to read them. One of the ways to share your content is to set up RSS feed from your site (blog). You can also use your company’s emails to share links. Also, include links to the posts you make on Facebook and other social media platforms. These are ways to help people find and read your content.
  • Ridiculously low paid writers would produce low quality content. Invest reasonably in article writing in order to get the best result from marketing your business with articles. So, if you don’t have time or the skill to create irresistible, quality articles, hire a professional freelance writer for the job.

Don’t see Google Panda as an obstacle; instead, see it as a propelling force to push you to compete better.

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