With no exceptions, Google Pixel has proved its tenacity in almost every department. The stellar performance and exceptionally stupendous features have earned recognition from all. We won’t refrain from saying that it is a perfect smartphone for everyone out there. The battery of the smartphone is equally competent, but some people tend to drain it very quickly as in over a day. Moreover, the smaller pixel that comes with the smaller battery of 2770 mAh doesn’t provide you with the same sort of longevity. In case, you want to use your phone in the heaviest possible manner, then the battery could be a slight nuisance for you. However, people from all around the praise and enjoy the battery life of their pixel phones, and, often, the battery doesn’t get drained over the course of a hectic day. But if you tend to drain your battery every now and then; you’ll need to try some of the following tips so that you can keep enjoying the awesome thing known as Google Pixel.

Sometimes battery issues are the consequence of numerous applications that are being used or maybe some Android programming bugs that need to settle. This article presents some approaches that could be helpful in settling the awful battery life of Pixel phones.

Search for Battery-draining apps

The Pixel phones do encompass a great battery-saving feature known as “Doze.” It effectively puts the apps into a low-power mode when the phone is not being used. The system usually handles the battery-saving process. Despite the fact, often poorly coded apps tend to stay awake and disturb the whole system even when not in use. Ergo, your battery drains.

In order to check for battery-consuming apps in your Pixel,

Go to Setting > Battery

Then move toward the list of applications found under "Use since the last charge." You’ll notice some common aspects like Android OS, screen, Bluetooth or voice calls. But if you find any seldom used apps, consuming more than a particular percent of your battery drain, you really need to check if it’s doing any unusual state of affairs in your phone.

Opt for a Battery Saver

The Google Pixel comes with an exceptional “Battery saver” mode that can improve the longevity of your battery. While your battery saver will be turned on, your phone will have decreased functionality, reduced background work, constrained vibration, and limited location services. Although these confinements may not have a substantial impact on the performance of your phone’s battery; however, they do have the capability to spare some useful battery deplete of your phone, and this way you can definitely have an improved battery life.

Uninstall redundant apps

Without a single doubt, you can improve your battery life by just uninstalling apps that you don’t use often. You should open your app drawer to check for such useless apps, and most probably, you’ll find a good number of apps that you didn’t even use once.

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