The war Between Google And Apple – Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone X
Google Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone X Design: Which is better?

The Big G and the Big A are competing with everything that has to do with mobile, including mobile search. Google may primarily control how content is discovered on mobile devices (and the Internet, in general), but Apple is the company that makes a lot of the products people use to do all of that searching, at least the ones that get all the media attention.
Android Has the Edge, But Apple Gets All of the Product Launch Attention

Developed by Google, Android officially launched in 2008. About a year earlier, Apple unleashed its first iPhone to the public. Google has the edge with global users, there are about 2 billion Android smartphones out there and nearly 450 million iOS based ones. Apple, however, has incredible marketing skills, so the company’s new iOS products tend to generate a lot more buzz. Google counters this by using its search engine power to target iOS users and convince them to make the switch to Android products. Yes, this means Google takes advantage of the fact that a lot of iOS users use Google to find stuff on their Apple devices.

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