A good number of webmasters are very much concerned about the PageRank that Google’s toolbar displays. Focusing on this value is not quite prudent enough. Few years back, there was an official statement by Google, pointing out clearly that webmasters should pay attention to other things that count more, instead of getting obsessed with pageRank.

Here’s what Google has to say about PageRank:
“For some years now, the Webmaster Central has continuously told webmasters not to place all their attention on PageRanks as the yardstick for measuring the success of one’s website.

Even if PageRank made Google - distinct as a search engine in 1998 when it was founded, we certainly had a good number of opportunities to bump up and upgrade our systems of ranking over the past decade. PageRank has now stopped being (has it really been?) the all-in-all of ranking.

The publicly visible PR is not the same as the number used by our algorithm for ranking. It is not sensible bothering about a number that is at most three steps taken off from your real goal; meanwhile, it is possible for you to measure what you want to achieve directly.”

If PageRank does not really count, what counts then?
In order to ascertain a website’s position on search results, Google employs a wide range of factors. According to Google’s recent blog, there are three key examples of metrics that count:

  1. Conversion Rate: This refers to the percentage of your site’s visitors that translate to actual clients.
  2. Click-through Rate: Out of the number of times your website was displayed in the search results page, how many times did people click on it?
  3. Bounce Rate: This is the percentage of visitors to your website who do not stay on your site a moment longer.

    In addition to these top three examples, there are other things that would help you generate enhanced outcome with your search engine listings.

  4. Plan and Set Realistic Goals
    It could be that what you want is more than a high PageRank. Your passion is to generate income with your website. You desire to get more leads, more people signing up for your newsletter...and such things.

    Tips on Achieving Your Goal

  • Select the proper keywords: The most important aspect of keyword is to have it get the targeted visitors to your site – visitors that would convert to buyers.
  • Rank high for these targeted keywords: note that what is important is to rank high for the right keywords, not PageRank.
  • Generate quality backlinks: your website will benefit severally when you generate quality backlinks. One, traffic will pour directly via the links. Also, the position of your site in Google will improve significantly.
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