Google To Add Wait Times In Search And Maps
Google is very enthusiastic about making its products and services more accessible and supportive of the existing world.

Google’s most recent addition to local search results is the wait timings for local listings like restaurants, which shows up when people view those listings in search. Eventually, this information will show up on Google Maps also. This feature is said to be available right now and will consist of wait times for nearly one million restaurants internationally.

How Google Determine Popular Times:

The new feature will look near the popular time’s information, which shows users how busy a venue is at a specific time. Wait time evaluation is based on anonymized historic data.

In the case of restaurants, Google will now incorporate a pop-up box that comes out when you click on a time frame in the popular times’ chart.

The box demonstrates the live or past data along with the time and they are categorized as:

Usually busy
Usually not busy
How to utilize:

To utilize this feature you can spot wait times for almost million of restaurants around the globe that allow walk-ins, just search for the restaurant on Google and then it opens the business listing, and roll down to the Popular Times section.

In that section, an approximated current wait time for that particular time will appear. Users can then tap on any of the chart’s hour bars, and can also see the estimated wait for the chosen time period. They can also scroll right and left to find a list of each day’s wait times according to the hour bars and can plan ahead to overcome the crowd.

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