If you want to study from the comforts of your home, then you can avail the fantastic platform of learning called the Gooroo. The platform is newly-launched and has brought a new opportunity for the people who want to learn new things and expertise. Gooroo is a subscription-based platform and has promoted curiosity and self-improvement among people. The platform has made on-demand education approachable. The pros and specialists share their knowledge virtually and offer the video content in almost all the fields. If you wish to become a singer or are interested in poetry, Gooroo has it all for you. You can learn guitar and other kinds of music and even learn the experts' chess skills. Your personal development is just a click away from you and is at your fingertips. Here are some of the courses offered by the platform.

Google Sheets: An Intro to Spreadsheets

Using Google sheets has become common, and if you don’t know how to use them, it could be a problem for you. If you are new to using spreadsheets, then Gooroo has a solution for you. The platform offers a course that will help you to learn what a spreadsheet is. You will also learn the purpose of an excel spreadsheet. This course will focus on the purpose and the various components of Google Sheets. The students will learn how to set the spreadsheet and how to input the data. You will also be able to learn the math functions and formatting the spreadsheet. Absolute and relative references will be taught so that using the spreadsheet becomes easy for you. The students will learn VLookups and HLookups, text transformation, and filtering and sorting while using the spreadsheet. This course's primary goal is to give you complete knowledge about the Google spreadsheet and help you succeed in your goals.

Painting Ideas with Unconventional Methods!

Are you looking to learn some painting ideas? If you cannot think of any new ideas and find it hard to think outside the box, this course will help you stand out in a crowd. This tutorial will teach the students many new painting ideas. They will learn how to make patterns and other drawings. You will be able to paint the simple and beautiful paintings. The course will emphasize boosting your confidence and will bring out the creativity you have somewhere hidden inside you. You don’t need to have prior experience in painting before taking this course. You will need some basic materials, and the course is also suitable for all age groups. Students will learn various designs for a craft class, holiday cards, painting t-shirts, and many more.

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