When it comes to luxury pillows, there is no clear favourite when choosing between goose down pillows and down alternative pillows. It’s simply a matter of personal preference.

That personal preference may lie in the importance of how a bedding pillow ‘feels’ or how it ‘looks’ – does it match an existing style in a bedroom? Are the pillows big enough? Fluffy enough? Will my pillow prop me up effectively when I have my morning tea? The answers to questions like these are all down to individual choice. However, the one area where our choice of bedding and pillow sets is influenced without our control is allergies.

If you suffer from allergies, you will know that the symptoms can make you miserable when they are at their peak. And just when you need some respite from work life, family life and other stresses and strains, i.e. when you want to go to bed, there is nothing you want less than an allergy attack.

Feels like down pillows

Not exclusively, but in some cases, goose and duck feathers can be a trigger for allergy symptoms which is why alternative down fillings are available.

Dusk’s own ‘feels like down range’ is filled with 100% microfibre which provides the softness and lightness of down as well as being breathable, perfect for keeping you cool when the weather gets warmer. Optimum support is provided and the pillow shape is retained, enabling it to look as good as new, all ready for your next night’s sleep.

Feather and down pillows

If you are fortunate enough not to suffer from an allergy, then you may prefer goose down pillows which are considered by many to be the ultimate in bedding luxury. Goose feather pillows are light, soft and provide a very comfortable night’s sleep if your pillow is filled with this material. Likewise, duck feather pillows offer similar levels of comfort and are again, a popular choice of filling for quilts and duvets.

But as well as feather filled pillows there is also down. Down is softer than feathers and comes from the delicate and soft front plumage, providing insulation and warmth. Down is available in a number of different combinations, including duck feather and down pillows , duck down pillows and goose down pillows.

Dusk has a large collection of goose down bedding and pillows, made from cotton percale that is both breathable and sumptuous, made from goose down with a hint of feather fill for firmness and maximum head support.

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From design to production, the DUSK team works tirelessly to create bedding you will love at affordable prices without affecting the luxurious feel and quality we aim for. We hand select all the materials that go into making our range and work directly with the mill to produce beautiful bedding designed to our unique specifications. Each item is then tried and tested by the team to meet our high expectations of linen bedding sets before being made available to purchase from our website DUSK.com