Social Media Marketing is one of the forms of digital marketing that is essential and one entity would be crazy not to include this in their marketing and branding strategy. Everything is in social media nowadays and along with search, it helps both customers and businesses to find the services they need and expand their reach respectively. So when it comes to a restaurant along with SEO, social media is one of your safest, most lucrative, and easiest to set up and actually execute. But not all social media platforms are created equal. Some can make and break your business. So we, at Coefficients, made this guide out of our experience serving our multiple clienteles in the business. Here are our thoughts and observations.


Everyone’s a visual person now and this heavily translates to your customers. The first sense that tickles us when we see food is contradictory not taste, but sight. Your menu selection maybe delicious and orgasmic to the palate, but if it looks like crap, then nobody gives a damn. That’s why most restaurants in 2018 have increased their usage of Instagram and even making it their only social media. When it comes to marketing food, Instagram is the best to go. So make sure you invest in making a lot of time and money curating pictures that encourage your customers to actually try out your place. You can now do a lot of things in Instagram and it’s not just limited to food, you can post a behind-the-scenes look on how your food is made or feature the ‘Instagrammable’ interiors of your place. Restaurants are no longer confined to have a good meal or drink; customers want a good Instagram photo too. Wield this opportunity.


Facebook is still king when it comes to social media, but not for too long for restaurants. However, that does not mean that you should jump ship and quit Facebook altogether. This social media platform is useful not just for posting updates, but it is also a good customer service tool. You can modify and set it up to cater reservations or even take-out food. You can remove this as your main social media driver, but foregoing Facebook is definitely not recommended. It still adds trust and boosts your online presence SEO-wise.


Nope. Just no. Twitter dare we say is tricky platform when it comes to advertising restaurants. It works for fast-food chains and well-known restaurants. But if you’re just starting out or you just own a small al fresco diner or a small café selling home-cooked meals, maybe you can forego Twitter. You can still use Twitter to market your restaurant, albeit you can redirect them to your site or other social media accounts.

Other Platforms You Can Use?

If you’re going to invest heavily in a social media campaign, invest for the visual social media sites like Snapchat or Pinterest. They may not bring much conversion but they are good in solidifying your social media and SEO presence. Like Twitter, they can still be useful in terms of redirecting people to your other busy social media accounts or your website.

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