"I don't know what to do!" 
I overheard this statement as I walked back into the auditorium at the event I was attending.
Two women were behind me discussing a coaching program that was being offered at the event.  I could still hear them talking.
"What are you going to do?" one asked the other.
"I'm not sure.  I really want to, but that's so much money!"
"I know!  But I really think it will make a difference if I do it," the first one said, finally.
The women sat down at my table.  I smiled and said hello, and we began to discuss the event.  They began to talk again about the coaching program and asked me if I was going to participate in it.
"No," I replied.  "I have my hands full with my coach."  I smiled.  "How about you?" I asked.
"I really want to," one of them replied.  "But I'm just not sure.  I mean, I really like what she's offering, but it's so much money!"
"I know something that would help.  Would you like to hear what it is?" I asked.
"Sure!" she said.
"Ok, then, close your eyes," I began.  "And imagine that you have two roads in front of you.  One leads to the left, and one to the right.  The one leading to the left is the road of not doing the program.  The one to the right is the one of doing the program.  Now take a deep breath.  And ask yourself, which of these is the right decision?"
"Oh, my God!" she exclaimed.  "The one to the right!"
"Great!  How do you know?" I asked.
"Because it's really bright and has all of these flowers that appeared.  Am I making this up?"
"No," I said, "You are just connecting to your intuition as you make a decision."
In my experience, most people don't take the time to consciously check in with their intuition before they make a decision.  But when you do this, you give yourself a huge advantage.  Here's why:
1.  You get very clear about which road or decision is the right one for you.
2.  You trust your decision far more, which results in a lot less energy spent second-guessing yourself.
3.  You discover that your world begins to flow -- situations work more smoothly, the right people show up when you need them, and information shows up at the time you need it to.
4.  You gain confidence in yourself and in your ability to make good decisions.
5.  You discover that you begin to have that magnetic attractor factor that draws clients and people to you like magnets.
6.  Things work for you and not against you.
7.  Your business grows, more easily than you could imagine.
I could go on, but you get the idea.
So, next time you have a decision to make, take a moment and check in with your intuition
1.  Close your eyes.
2.  Breathe deeply.
3.  Imagine your options in two (or three) roads.
4.  Ask which is the correct one for now.
5.  Wait. See which reveals itself to you. 
6.  Trust what you get.
7.  Take action upon it.
Your intuition will never guide you wrong.  Never.  Your job is to ask, and then to recognize what it is telling you.  Then trust it enough to take action.

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Anne Presuel, Interfaith Minister, Divine Intuitive, and master energy therapist, coaches conscious, heart-centered (and often overwhelmed) entrepreneurs to tune into their own 6th sense while building 6-figure businesses. Her approach uses Law of Attraction principles, affirmations, and subtle energy techniques (EFT). Get your FREE "Activate Your Intuition Now!" Kit at http://DivinelyIntuitiveBusiness.com.