It hasn’t been easy trying to select a hair care product that doesn’t have at least one dangerous chemical. So, I considered creating my own homemade shampoo. Years ago, when my grandmother was alive, she created her own shampoo and the bald spot she had on the side of her head began to fill in. I wish I had her recipe.
So, I tried recreating what I thought Grandma used on her hair, but it was a total fiasco. My hair had a greasy-feel to it and I had less curl than I had before. My mother suggested that perhaps the ingredients Grandma used were no longer sold on the market.
Since I couldn’t recreate what Grandma had used, maybe I could use something else homemade such as a hair mask. The one I decided to try, and that’s only because I had the ingredients on hand, was an egg hair mask. All that is needed is one egg and several drops of lemon juice to make this hair mask. As one knows, eggs are full of protein and biotin and both are super important for healthy hair. One’s hair is mainly contains the protein, “keratin.” Many hair supplements contain biotin and by adding these two vital ingredients, it’s a win-win situation.
In order to make this simple hair mask, crack an egg into a container and then add some drops of lemon. Then whisk the egg. Pour the mixture onto one’s scalp. Next, cover your head with a shower cap of towel and leave it on for 20 minutes. Be sure to rinse it out with cold water and not warm water. After all, you don’t want to cook it! Of course after doing that, hopefully you have a shampoo and conditioner you’re comfortable in using.
Now, I would add that using this hair mask does help, but it’s messy and I don’t like to rinse my hair in cold water! BRRR! So, I stopped using it! In all honesty, I believed I would find the perfect hair care product.
It was Mother who informed me about good nutrition. She has been suffering from hair loss, since she’s gone through menopause. At first, she believed her problem was stress-related and having a poor diet. Now, she is correct about this, since a poor diet would affect one’s scalp and hair growth.
There are a number of hair care supplements online, such as Nutrafol, Dr. Berg’s, and MONAT supplements. All three do list biotin and collagen. However, all three have something unique in their ingredients. So, for me, unless I start with one and use it for several months and then try the others, it’s hard to know which is the best for me.
My mother has been using Dr. Berg’s hair care supplement. She’s on her second bottle and has not been able to form an opinion at this time.
As for her selection in a shampoo, she’s reading the label of ingredients, which is very time consuming; since there are so many ingredients listed! She very skeptical as to what goes on her scalp and I don’t blame her! Mother has very thin hair and is afraid of losing more.
I guess one could say I’m her guinea pig. I believe I’ve found the answer to my own hair care dilemma. I did get my curl back. Yet, what works for me as someone who has not been through menopause, may not work for her. After all, I’m not experiencing hair loss.
Only time will tell! Mother has agreed to try a shampoo that I recommend for her as being an independent hair care and beauty consultant.

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