The proper functioning of our body is very much important in completing a certain task. Life can turn out to be miserable if one of its parts does not work well. Diseases may be one of the reasons why certain changes happen in our lives.

Gout is a certain illness and considered one of the most throbbing rheumatic diseases. Usually, this condition is common to both men and women and affects the big toe, ankle, and wrists. Mostly for men, gout is experienced upon reaching the ages between 40 to 50 years.

As for women, such illness happens during their menopausal stage. However, certain cases are being raised if gout in women under 40 could be possible. It is believed that there are a few isolated cases wherein younger women experience this.

Almost 80% of the people having gout are males. Yet, this can also be very common in women after menopause because of hormonal changes. Usually, men above 40 are four times more likely to acquire gout than women.

Women on the other hand may be expected to develop such disease if they are suffering from high blood pressure or if they are taking diuretics. Gout in women can be very rare. Having gout at a young age is believed to be caused by the kidney’s inability to excrete high levels of uric acid. Although the occurrence can be possible, yet there are only few cases associating gout in women under 40.

Being aware of the different risk factors causing gout is very important. Basically, developing a certain disease does not require a certain place, age, and time. All of us are prone to illnesses, but its occurrence can be prevented if we know how to take good care of our health.

Since gout is associated to the proper functioning of the kidney, it is best to protect it from being damaged. Gout happens when the kidney fails to eliminate high levels of uric acid. Thus, knowing the causes is as important as knowing its prevention.

Women aging 40 to 50 years old are the most vulnerable to this condition, but we must also put in mind that a dose of prevention is always better than cure. True, that gout in women under 40 can be very unusual. Yet, it is still possible and sets no exception. The most important thing is, we must take proper measures on how to avoid it in order to keep us from experiencing its painful attacks.

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