In today’s world of modernization, mobile phones have become the necessity of everyone’s life. It has made human life easier as well as time-saving. All the functions can be easily carried out with the smartphone. It is hard to imagine anyone’s life without a mobile phone. It has become an eminent part of everyone’s life.

Are you a cell phone repairer? Do you fix all the broken cell phone parts and make it work once again? As a cell phone repair professional, you must need some techniques as well as tools for repairing. Make sure to buy tools that are not very cheap, it is believed that if you will buy high-quality tools, it will benefit you till the long run and they are handy to operate. Cheap tools are not always good, they may create a problem in fixing.

Providing satisfying services to your customers develops great trust in them and you will not lose your customers as well as make your money always. Best tools are undeniably avoided when it comes to providing services for cell phone repair. For mobile phone repair, many special tools are needed besides the common tools.

There are lots of tools available in the market nowadays. A lot of companies in the market are offering us various tools. You should select the best suitable tools for you. I have listed some of them as under:

Screwdrivers - It has several screwdrivers of different shapes as well as sizes to disassemble and assemble a mobile phone and its parts.

Tweezers: Tools for holding and picking small and delicate components of the cell phone.

Battery Tester: To test and analyze the status of the battery as well as its condition at present

Battery Booster: To boost the power of your battery of a mobile phone, battery tester is used.

Cleaning Sponge: This is used to clean the tip of soldering iron while soldering.

Microscope: It is used to see a magnified view of PCB or electronic components. These are available in different zoom options as some parts cannot be seen directly through the eyes. Many microscopes can also be connected to a computer or a monitor.

Soldering iron - used to solder as well as resolder the electronic parts .like capacitor, resistor, diode, transistor, regulator, speaker, microphone, display, etc. A 50-watt soldering iron is good enough for most of the mobile phone repairing jobs.

Solder Wire: It s used for soldering elements.
Cables and Wires - Cables and wires are used as an Interface from PC to cell phones when working on like unblocking, jailbreaking, flashing.

Soldering lead - Soldering leads are used to bond Electronic components.

Nose Cutter: Nose Cutter is used for cutting.

Plastic Pry Bar: Plastic Pry Bar is used to pry up flex cables when dismantling the phone.

DC Regulated Power Supply- Used to substitute battery voltage when working on hardware troubleshooting.

Flashing and Unlocking Device- It is Software Tools that used to unlock and flash mobile phone programmable circuits.

Brush: Used to remove and clean any dirt or dust inside the phone as well as on the PCB.

Screw Memory Board: Organizes and magnetically secures all your screws while you work on the device.

gtool panel press- gtool panel press is used for the correction of bend and straightens it.

You have to select your tools based on the services you are providing. cell phone repair tools wholesale provides you a complete solution for cell phone repairing.

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