Sandra Yancey, Women Business coach Dallas TX will answer your questions to level up your business!!

Here're some "aha's" you'll walk away with on the Sip, Tip & Talk:

• What do you feel helped you most in your confidence and conviction that what you have to share adds huge value?

• What things do you do to help you think BIGGER?

• How do you build the "celebrity" following on social media to drive business?

Catch Up on Monday, April 15, 2019 at 2:30pm EST - 1:30pm CST - 11:30am PST and get advice!

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Author's Bio: 

Sandra is an award-winning entrepreneur and is recognized by the International Alliance for Women as one of the world’s 100 Top Difference Makers and by CNN as an American Hero. The eWomenNetwork Foundation she created has, to date, awarded cash grants to 115 non-profit organizations and scholarships to 167 emerging female leaders of tomorrow.