The CBSE board syllabus is seeing many mixed reaction regarding the CBSE Board Result grading system that is expected to be replacing the old CBSE Board percentage based results. This has been taken in by parents with many reactions but it will also be noted to affect university and colleges during CBSE board candidate selection. The change from percentage evaluation to grading is bound to have major effect on the CBSE board Syllabus.

Many analysts in the education field have made different comments regarding the CBSE board Syllabus grading proposal and many seem to thing it will generalize the CBSE board results thus giving advantage to some candidate and demoting other. For candidate that score high marks the move will be noted to affect them in a negative manner since future CBSE Board Result will only carry grades and if a candidate score 97 where as another scores 94 they will both be given the same grade. This will be a major loss for cleaver candidates since they will no longer have the will power to compete for the percentage positions.

One the other hand for weaker candidate this has come as a positive move since they will now be classified within a generalized grade meaning they just need to score enough marks to secure the grade required. The CBSE Board Result grading system will also affect the selection at universities and colleges since there will be many more applicants due to the grading system. This means stiffer competition during the competitive examination that will have to be held to determine more capable candidates.

The move has been noted to work well in many education systems across the world since it eliminates the intense competition among CBSE Board candidates. Competition has been noted to place many candidates under pressure to achieve the desired CBSE Board Result but know they could relax knowing the grading system is coming in to play. Many competitive candidates have also been noted to consider the move negatively as they argue they will not have a percentage mark to identify how much more effort is required to achieve a higher grade.

This makes improving a blind aim since one cannot know if they scored 92% or 97% thus hindering improvement. The move to convert CBSE board syllabus and CBSE Board Result to grading system is still in its initial stages but it is sure to see many additional reactions as the results begin affecting candidate performance in the future.

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