Planning a high school or college graduation party is exciting. Is your family member about to become a graduate? Even if you have a couple of weeks’ time in your hands, planning early will help you be more organized and you’ll also have more time to gather interesting party ideas. You’ll have to pick the date, decide on the menu and plan decorations.

Themed graduation party decorations and party favours:

After having finalised the date and menu details, you’ll have to work out the party supplies and sort out the party favours part. Party favours are distributed to party attendees as a way to thank them for joining with you in celebrating your loved one’s special day. Since it is a graduation party, the decorations and favours would revolve around graduation hats.

There are many personalised options to choose from. If you are looking for inspiration for graduation party decorations and personalised favours in Australia check out the website of GE Designs. They are the go-to choice for the Australian residents for personalized party decorations and party favours.

They feature personalised coasters, mini personalised hoops, acrylic place names for name arrangements etc. They offer nation-wide shipping and make prompt deliveries. Things have changed super-creative these days. Organize a grand party with brilliant decor and party favours. Check out these cool party favour ideas.

Party favour ideas:

  • Graduation cap Rolo: These cute little treats take a while to make but make great party favours. You’ll have to cut small black construction paper into squares and glue them over the Rolo. Fix a piece of ribbon for the tassels and place a rolled up wrapper over it. You can coordinate the wrapper with your school’s colours.
  • Confetti money poppers: These would be a great surprise if you offer these to party attendees who are graduating the same year. The bucks would be seen as a way to congratulate them on success ahead. 
  • Candy holders: You can find small candy holders in different shapes at party stores or online. Fill them with skittles, gumballs, M&M and affix an optimistic phrase like, ‘Here’s to a bright future’ to make others feel inspired too.
  • Keepsake: You can find many graduate-themed party favours online that can be used for years like candle holders, coasters, book marks, key chains, champagne glasses etc.
  • Photo favours: There are photo playing cards, Hershey candy bars with the picture of the graduate on the label, photo mint tin labels, picture frames etc.

Make it special for the graduate:

Make a graduation-cap themed photo album of the graduates through their schooling years and leave some blank spaces for others to include encouraging notes for the graduate. Celebrate big with confetti as what’s a party without confetti? You can purchase them online or make your own confetti cones and ask the guests to throw confetti over the graduate.

Graduation is a hue milestone in one’s life. Make the celebration extra-special for both the graduate and party attendees. Plan it well ahead and surprise your guests with awesome party favours.

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