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Since 2016, many hoverkarts have been released but the ultimate verdict is in… after taking into consideration safety, durability, aesthetics the graffiti hoverkart stands out from the rest.

Why you should buy it? The racer hoverkart is the best and cheapest all in one conversation kit to turn your hoverboard into a Go Kart. The best hoverkart to transform your hoverboard swegway into a Go kart in minutes, the attachment allows hoverboards from 6.5inch to fit up to 10-inch hoverboards. The R series hoverkart is fast as your hoverboard, sturdy with the lightweight structure and fun.
So… once set up, it only takes a few minutes to set, thus our panel loving the easy to assemble features of the racer hoverkart, the hoverkart stands out from the monster black hoverkart due to its vibrant colour. With the hoverkart

Price; from £39.99

Who’s it for? Suitable from ages 4-16

Why we choose the graffiti racer hoverkart? as voted the best hoverkart of 2018 by PanelYou, the graffiti hoverkart hits all the boxes, cheap and reliable, easy to set up, suitable for ages up to 16. With the exclusive seat and sleek finish, the hoverkart stands out from the crowd.

Watch the full review in the link down below to view the verdict by sunnysinghmedia.


- Sleek graffiti design
- Low price
- Easy to use
- Can fit all hoverboards
- Easy assembly
- Full control with easy moving grip handles

- Not suitable for all terrain surfaces
- The small seat is not comfortable for large adults
- No shock absorber springs

Verdict; It’s a must buy! Get ready to convert your hoverboard into go-kart in a matter of few seconds by choosing the best hoverboard cart that suits you most. Buy yours now with up to 50% off hoverkarts!

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Anash Mazid Siddiqui