One of the world’s famous Japanese manufacturers of performance wheels for car enthusiasts, Gram Lights wheels offers functionality, style, and performance to all enthusiasts. Gram Light Wheels are high performance light weight wheels which are available in a number of popular styles suitable for almost all brands of cars. Wed wheels manufactures high performance, racing specification wheels in a number of sizes. Gram Light Wheels have continued to push the limit in lightweight wheel technology till date. The Gram light Wheels line is designed for high performance track use for all car brands.

Developed by RAYS, Gram Lights wheels are lightweight, cast one-piece, cast two-piece, and forged one-piece designs with optional center caps. Gram Lights wheels are lightweight and built with the automotive most affective enthusiast in mind. Light weight wheels from Gram Lights reduce rotating mass which is more effective than reducing normal weight. Lightweight wheels improve acceleration, braking, and improve suspension response by reducing unsparing weight and finally increasing the performance of your car. Gram Lights wheels offer functionality, style and performance to all car enthusiasts. Gram Lights wheels are lightweight and have cast 2 piece construction, and a reverse rim.

Available in a variety of fitments and finishes, Gram Lights Wheels can compliment nearly any automobile on the road. Affordability and ease of installation have made aftermarket wheels from Gram Lights has one of the most popular cosmetic modifications. The classic dual spoke design of Gram Lights Wheels enhances your vehicles look, makes it look even sportier without being too radical. There are many different varieties of Gram light Wheels available. The Gram Lights 57S-Pro Wheel 18x10, 5x114.3 and Gram Lights 57Pro Wheel 17x9, 5x114.3 wheels which are now a day’s famous for lightweight, has cast 2 piece construction, reverse rim and had a floating disk design. It comes in a 18x10 wheel size, 5x114.3 bolt pattern. These and all other wheels from Gram Lights are available in many offsets like for example Flat Gold, Gray Silver, and Rays Metal Coat.

Utilizing RAYS' original forging technology, the Gram Lights wheels are unmatched in light weight, strength and performance as well. Gram Lights' one-piece cast wheels are expertly crafted by RAYS Foundry and are exceptionally lightweight and offers best in industry performance with excellent value for the motorsports enthusiasts. All Gram Lights wheels meet RAYS' strict JWL+R standards i.e. RAYS' own in-house durability and performance testing. If you are really looking for some extra grip on the road then Gram Lights Wheels is what you all need. It is the wheel for the enthusiast with a no-compromise attitude.

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