Do you have the skills to create something from scratch? Do you love turning others' visions into reality through art? If your answer is yes, then you must be a graphic designer. If you are already into graphic designing but still working your way through, here are simple leads to guide you.

Journey to Graphic Designing

Perhaps it all started with a simple hobby such as drawing, sketching, or creating artwork. From there, your love for art began to bloom until graphic design became your thing. Jonathan Graf, the Art and Web Director at Immotion Studios, said in one of his interviews that as a kid, he enjoyed drawing and creating art.

His training consisted of drawing in grade school, building websites in high school, and enrolling in the graphic design program at the University of Texas at Arlington. Now, he designs logos or makes brochures for a living.

Your journey might be more complicated than this, but every artist has a story to tell. Whether it's doing art as a passion or working as a graphic designer, each piece of art is a big part of your story.

Graphic Design as a Passion

Passion is an essential ingredient in every field of expertise. In graphic design, it is a fire that ignites inspiration and excitement. It is putting your heart to every design you produce. It is loving and enjoying what you are doing.

With graphic designing as a passion, you are not merely creating, but you are connecting. Your love for graphic design can take you to explore places that you have never been to before. It can lead you to more curiosity and creativity and push you to your limits.

Graphic design works hand-in-hand with passion. This passion will drive you to educate yourself through training, workshops, and reading. And with the knowledge and skills you have, you can turn your passion into your livelihood.

Graphic Design as a Business

Business leads to profit. Almost everybody who manages a business expects a profitable gain. Turning graphic design into a living is more than loving what you are doing. Here you might need a visible and strategic plan to create designs that can support you financially.

However, it is not as simple as making money and growing your business. You are accountable for every client that seeks your product and service. You have to produce a design that matches your client's needs.

In other words, your priority is ensuring your client’s satisfaction. Creativity is not the only thing that should be valued in your business, but also your commitment to serve your clients well.

Each design should be valued. You are not only designing for yourself, but you are delivering a product to a customer. You must meet and exceed your clients' expectations. 

Turning Passion into Business

Now that you’ve seen the difference between making graphic designs as a passion and as a business, how can you exactly turn your passion into a business?

In graphic design, there are different ways to make it possible. But when managing a business, you are always investing time, energy, and money. Passion might tell you to create designs for free or exposure. It wouldn’t matter how much it costs because you are not trying to earn money from it.

However, business without passion is not enough. You must show enthusiasm when serving your clients and create designs that would cater to their needs. Your plan doesn’t only require an imaginative mind, but also a heart that wants to capture their client’s vision.

It will help if you connect your clients' stories in your designs. Only a passion-driven graphic designer can do this. However, passion alone wouldn’t be enough for a business.

The first step is to create a business plan. Whether you are planning to build a company for graphic designing or freelancing, you need to have a concrete vision of your path.

What is the demand of the market in terms of graphic design? What kind of graphic designing services will you offer to your clients? Do you have the resources? Is your vision clear and realistic? These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself.

In graphic design, possibilities and opportunities are limitless. With the right skill, passion, and plan, you can make a name for yourself and finally earn money while doing what you love. 

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Nobody starts as an expert. Every successful graphic designer emerged from humble beginnings. Whether it's a passion sparked from childhood explorations or a business inspired by experiences, these inspirations can help work your way to your goals. Work hard with what you have now, and maybe someday, you’ll be where you want to be.

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