Gratitude is a cornerstone in the process of manifesting. The vibratory energy of gratefulness causes physical reality to produce more things which resonate with the gratefulness you are feeling, thus causing an even more powerful feeling of gratefulness. It keeps building and building, multiplying exponentially. The more grateful you are, the more physical reality responds to this by sending things which match the vibration. The more intensely gratefulness is felt, the more quickly physical reality responds.

Gratefulness also sends the message back that you are aware of what you are receiving, therefore causing physical reality to be even more willing to send you what you would be further grateful for. Have you ever noticed that when someone responds to you with gratefulness, you feel like giving more to him or her than what you have already given?

Physical reality is a sentient being in and of itself and is aware of your response. Physical reality is not a static machine. It is made up of multitudes of “live and sentient” beings (atoms) which seek to be with that which they resonate with. This is how Law of Attraction works. These atoms are part of people, objects, situations, emotional frequencies, thought forms, and other such variances. Your physical body is made up of atoms, and so are your emotional and mental bodies.

If you are in a state of non-gratitude, physical reality will respond to that. The vibrational state you hold determines what a general manifestation in your life will be. Atoms which resonate with non-gratitude will hear you. They respond to your vibrational state and rush to be with you, or anyone else who holds a similar vibration.

The state of gratitude is a wonderful thing for your well-being. You will find yourself living in a state of grace simply by creating an attitude of gratefulness. After all, a lifetime like yours is lucky indeed, no matter what hardships you have endured. If you examine your life, you will find things to be grateful for, even if they are small at first. By being grateful, you are reprogramming the atoms which make up “You” to call for something different, something that will make you even more grateful.

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