Maybe you have heard about a master keyed lock and you are really not sure what kind of lock this is; this is a key that has been designed un such a way that it can open more than one lock; a change key, on the other hand will only be able to open just one lock within the set of locks. There are a number of benefits and conveniences that are associated with having a master keyed lock system that you may want to take advantage of; the greatest benefit of course is the fact that you only need a single key so that you can avoid weighing yourself down with huge bunches of keys like a jailor.

The use of the master keyed lock system that is able to open more than one lock is especially used by landlords since they have to have access to all the locks in their units that relate to all their tenants. The same is true about office managers because they may want to access different rooms within the office block. The other important situation where the master keyed lock is important relates to maintenance personnel such as contractors and cleaners who may want to have access to different rooms within the property; this is usually preferred to running the security risk of giving out too many keys that open all rooms when all that you need is a single key.

When you want to get a Keyless lock box system, you need to ask your locksmith about it; they will be able to reconfigure your locks such that they can be opened by that single key but at the same time the locks will still be operable using their usual keys that open only particular locks. What this means therefore is that there will be only one person that is allowed to operate the master keyed lock system so they can open all the locks when the need arises but the rest of the people will still have the keys that allow them to only open their designated doors. Since only authorized people have access to the master key it makes sense in matters to do with security.

The other advantage of using the electronic locks system is that fact that you can easily add a few more locks in the office or home without necessarily having to get a new set of additional keys. What’s more is the fact that designing the master keyed lock is a hassle free procedure that will not cost you a fortune especially because you will not be investing in any new kind of hardware. The locksmith will only need to send a skilled technician to your place so they can do the reconfiguration of the locks and you will be home and dry.

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