Great blogging starts with a keen focus on the interests of the people who land on your platform! Since visitors stop by to view the content you've published based upon your blog topic, you already know their interests! Now it is up to you to play the role of a good blogger and continue to offer as much valid information as your time will allow to keep these people satisfied and returning! However being a good blogger involves more than simply publishing updates that are relevant to your blog topic!

Here are 3 things you want your site to become known for other than the subject upon which your platform is based!

Source of Information

People are attracted to the content you offer simply because it pertains to something with which they have a genuine interest! It therefore stands to reason that readers want to learn as much as they can, and in an enjoyable fashion, about this subject matter! The operative 'term' in the previous sentence is 'learn' but if you can not offer people valid information about the topic, you stand little chance of developing a large following! You want to become known as a reliable source for this type information which helps to build your authority and credibility!

Exchange of Ideas

Most visitors are somewhat passionate about your blog topic otherwise they would not be stopping by to see what you offer! Along those lines their enthusiasm needs an outlet so allow it to happen by allowing people to leave comments! In most cases these comments will be a reflection of their opinions or appreciation in which case many new ideas will likely be presented! As is the case people are always wanting to know how others feel about subjects they're interested in as well as sharing any additional knowledge they may have! A good blogger will always allow for their visitors to therefore leave comments, criticism or opinions! This lends life and spice to a platform that has grown in popularity due to its interactive nature!

The Ability to Grow/Benefit

Allowing people to comment freely results in exchanges that lead to new ideas or a more 'in-depth' understanding of old ones! This helps to expand our knowledge base and way of thinking! This is also of course is a process that promotes curiosity and as a result uncovers a new train of thought or perspectives for those who participate! In this way those with an interest in your blog topic come away with a better understanding of the subject matter than they had previously!

Great blogging merely starts with posting valid information that is relevant to your blog topic! A good blogger also wants to offer readers an 'atmosphere' where they can share their thoughts with others allowing all involved to grow from the experience! The 3 things you definitely want to offer every visitor to your platform begins with of course valid information that focuses on your blog topic! After that allowing for a 'community-like' atmosphere that encourages 'give and take' is what most readers seek! In this way people are better able to learn more about the subject your blogging focuses on by viewing the opinions and perspectives of other visitors as well!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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