When electrical work needs doing, why would anyone ever consider corner cutting … on experience, reputation or cost. Whatever electrical repair or installation job that you have, whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial customer, you should always consider a professional to do it for you. McHardy Group Electrician The Gap provides a comprehensive range of services which include simple repairs right through to the design and installation of security systems, audio visual, data and fibre optics.

We serve the entire Western Suburban region of Brisbane and our electrical services include home renovations and maintenance, air conditioning, lighting design, commercial work for business operations, and scheduled maintenance.

Being a longstanding, experienced and professional electrical business, we ensure consistent and competitive pricing, excellent standards of work and service as well as punctual, highly skilled technicians. Throughout your job, our experienced team will provide the expertise needed to ensure your electrical project is completed to high-standards, on time and on budget.

We also pride ourselves on our great customer service. By giving you the attention that you deserve, we ensure that your problems are carefully taken care of efficiently and that the right personnel turn up to carry out the work that you need doing.

With more than 40 years of combined experience in the electrics, telecommunications, and security industries, we have worked in virtually every kind of environment, from residential homes to Government sensitive areas. No matter where we are on-site we always work with discretion and with your requirements in mind.

Rest assured that we only use the best. Working with recognised, quality materials and having all of our engineers fully qualified and highly skilled, we skimp on nothing. Often in this scenario, out of sight is considered out of mind, and when you need repairs, improvements or installation work doing but a ‘cheap materials’ route is taken, you are often receiving a combination of sub-standard materials and poor work. Which would you rather have? Our cores qualities include safety, conscientiousness, thorough workmanship, professional and highly skilled labour.

McHardy Group are fully licenced to perform any type of electrical installation work, and have been servicing Australian homes and businesses for years. We meet the very highest standards. When we perform a safety check on a commercial, residential or industrial property, our electrician will need to disconnect the installation from the mains electrical power supply. Sometimes, depending on the size of the property this can take anywhere between an hour to a whole day. Of course some larger installations, especially commercial or industrial, can take days or even weeks.

Our electrician needs to power down and disconnect for safety reasons and also to be able to apply the correct testing to the appropriate electrical circuit. Power disconnection is of course going to be an inconvenience, but we ensure that for anyone using the building at that time, especially if the disconnection of the power impacts on the running of a business or other critical operation, that the downtime and inconvenience is minimised.

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Angelina is regular contributor at The Independent and BuzzFeed.