Good management in a company can be the sole contributor to the success and growth of a company. This is in turn indicative of the fact that the company boasts of satisfied employees in the company who are very comfortable with their work space. Be it high level employees or the low level employee a complete balance needs to be maintained. This is where labor management relations come to play a big role as good labor management relations means high productivity and greater profits for the company. It boils to the fact that a happy employee who is valued will always give more than his 100% to the company and take pride in contributing to the betterment of the company as well.

To begin with labour relations in the workplace can be kept at their best when all channels of communication are kept open between the employees and the management. This would include open discussions at all levels and can also include criticisms of the company as well. This gives a feeling of transparency to the employee and gives a feel that their point is being heard and some redressal will also be given at some point. This also makes the employee feel valued and he feels like being part of the company management and gives his points and ideas which will be for the good of the organization in the long run.

Amidst this entire panorama of labor management relations one must not forget the goal of the company which is getting positive results to the company. The main aim and goal of the company must be instilled into the minds of the employees and they must be encouraged to work towards achieving the goals. The management must be motivational pillar for the employees so that everyday must be taken as a challenge and the employees have something to look forward to. This can be achieved only if the employees work is appreciated and valued and his contributions are given due credit.

Today, organizations hire labour relations consultant to put across their labor policies and rules across to their employees. The aim by doing so is conveying the managements point very subserviently to the workers with compassion and at the same time with professionalism as well. Consequently, the labour relations consultant acts as a bridge where he puts the company policies and the mind of the employee to each other. There will be times when there could be some change in company policies keeping the interest of the employee and the company in mind. But this change should be brought about keeping the better interest of the company. After all, at the end of the day a happy employee means higher productivity and higher turnover thereby bringing in profits. Thus, no matter how big or small an organization is a good labor management relations program is the need of the hour to make your investment prosper.

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Hugh Secord is a senior Human Resources Management executive. with a depth of expertise in the fields of Labour Relations and Human Resource Management. Hugh’s thirty years of experience cover a diverse range of organizational settings in virtually every economic sector. He has written over two hundred articles on human resources management and labour relations; taught Organizational Behaviour and Employment Law; and has spoken on labour-related topics within many industry and educational forums.Organizational Behaviour and Employment Law; and has spoken on labour-related topics within many industry and educational forums.